Caidan Twelfth Night 1980

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Location: Calafia
Date: 1/1980

Caid's second 12th Night as a Kingdom was celebrated in Calafia during the reign of Balin and Amsha.

Event Staff


  • Reverse Grand March
  • Curia Regis
  • Feast

From the Crown Prints

(Personal details omitted) The Barony of Calafia and the Arts Council of Caid shall let cry their sponsorship of the Second Kingdom Twelfth Night of Caid. this shall take place in the U.A.W. Hall in Old Town San Diego on 12 January XIV, 180 Mundane Era. The Hall doth open at sext, that is the stroke of Noon. Please bring your banners, flags, or shields for display in the Hall


  • Sext (noon) Commence celebrations
  • 12:30-1:00 Grand March
  • 1:00-None (3:00) Dinner break
  • 7:00-11:30 Dessert Revel
  • 11:30-Matins (12) Disband

PRESENTATIONS: Those with presentations contact the Crescent Herald before the event.

DINNER BREAK: A banquet meal catered by Blumer's Caterer. The meal will include three meats, three vegetables, bread, fruit, and beverages for $7.00 each. A more detailed menu will later be published.

TABLE RESERVATIONS: Those who would like to celebrate Twelfth Night but not necessarily with a catered banquet may choose to purchase a $3.00 reservation, which entitles the bearer to a reserved space at a table in the Hall. Bread, fresh fruit, and beverages are provided, as well as a ticket to the Revel. For those who choose this option we commend you to come as a household, barony or other association and prepare dinner for the group, and bring it to the Hall. A group of eight will fill a table, and we will have space for 320 people (40 tables). Send your money in speedily. Hot food in such a situation may take ingenuity; chafing dishes (no "electric" devices) be encouraged, and recipes that do not need to be served hot. Wrapping hot items in several layers of foil, then a towel, and then transporting in a Victual Cooler will hold heat three or four hours, or longer.

CONTEST: For the most medieval Table. Win $25 (more or less) of fine wines. Even if you do not enter the contest, please do not bring mundane food items and containers into the Hall (e.g., Jacque-en-law-Boit, the Kentuckie Kernel.)

REVEL: Begins at 7:00 pm, $2 each in advance or at the door. The Even's festivities will be divided between dancing and entertainment.

ENTERTAINERS: There is always a need for entertainment. Contact Louise of Woodsholme

DESSERT CONTRIBUTIONS: Are needed. The Barony of Calafia will be willing to reimburse all or part of the cost to those who make arrangements beforehand. To contribute or make financial arrangements, farspeak Elinore Windemere of the Moors.

From the Heatherwyne Press, Vol. III, No. 3


By Lord James the Inconstant

Twelfth Night was held this year in Calafia and opened with a reverse Grand March wherein the populace entered first and were followed by the Peers.

The Court was brief but was followed by a Curia Regis (Curious King?) where many presentations were made. Of importance to Heatherwyne was our being named a Royal Company in the Army of Caid.

Lord Philip of Meadhe was named Captain of that Royal Company and Sherrif (King's Representative) to the Shire.

Finally came the Feast. After placing the tables, Heatherwyne began preparing their meal. There was a quiche, various meats, a hot oil fondue for marinated meats, and other delicacies. The last word in dining pleasure was, of course, the Shrimp with Broccoli in Lobster Sauce.

After the much too short banquet came the presentations of scrolls to the Arts Pentathlon winners. Several Heatherwynos finished prominently, but I will not trust to memory and refer interested persons to the various Mistresses of Arts for details.

Next came singing, dancing, and other entertainments. The various sets of acting or whatever were interspaced with dancing. This is a most interesting arraingement that might trap even the most reluctant swain into more of such activity than they intend.

Most memorable was a scene from the Taming of the Shrew by Lady Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren and Lord Yaroslav the Persistant. Lady Mairi also sang, most beautifully, several times.

The evening ended with belly dancing and we wended our ways back home.


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