Caidan Twelfth Night 1981

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Location: Gyldenholt
Date: January 1981

Twelfth Night 1981 was held in Gyldenholt at the Anaheim First Presbyterian Church.

Event Staff

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From the Crown Prints

(Personal information omitted. A hand-drawn map and reservation form were included in the article.)
The members of Clan Thislecaern, of the Barony of Gyldenholt, are autocratting Caid's third Twelth Night. The festivities will be held on 10 January XV at Anaheim First Presbyterian Church, Anaheim.


  • Sext (12 noon) - Day begins
  • 12:30-1:00 - Grand March and Court
  • 1:30-3:30 - Set up Hall, meetings, etc.
  • 3:30-6:30 - Banquet
  • 6:30-12:00 - Revel
  • 12:00 - Disband

BANQUET: There will be a four-course banquet provided for those who wish to partake, at $6.00 per person. Those wishing to bring their own food may do so at $3.00 per person.1 As last year, there will be no electrical heating devices allowed in the hall. We will provide bread, cheese, fruit & beverage for all. Although the hall will accommodate 400-500 for Court, we will only sell 300 places for the meal, so get your reservations in as soon as possible. The prices will go up on any reservations not received by 1 December.

If 25 banquet reservations for the prepared meal have not been received by December 1st, then the prepared banquet will be cancelled as of December 15th. That will give sufficient time for those who may have made reservations to make alternative arrangements. The prices will go up on any reservations not received by 15 December, and NO spaces will be available after 1 January. All banquet tickets include entrance to the dessert revel. This is a DRY hall, so if you choose to bring your own beverage, plan accordingly.

Paper plates will be provided (at 25 cents per plate) if you do not bring your own table service. Table cloths will also be available at $1 per cloth. We will have plastic bags for dishes to be taken home. Anyone who would like to volunteer desserts for the revel, please contact anyone at "The Keep."

REVEL: A dessert revel will be held after the banquet. There will be dancing and entertainment, as well as the results of the Arts Pentathlon. We reiterate that this is a DRY hall. Liquid refreshments will be provided for you.

ENTERTAINERS: There will be a need for people with a desire to perform for the populace during the revel. Please contact anyone at "The Keep."

PRESENTATIONS: Those with presentations to be made at Court, please contact the Crescent Herald well ahead of time.2


Anyone wishing to perform, please contact Armand or Diana.

1 Referred to as "off-board" seating in other Kingdoms
2 Baron Conrad von Regensburg

From the Heatherwyne Press, Vol. IV, No. 1.

Gala 12th Night Celebration

By Lord James the Inconstant

Gyldenholt, CAID - The 12th Night feast was held this year at the Anaheim First Presbyterian Church. Seated at the Heatherwyne table were Lord James, Lady Amanda, Lord Peterzoliden, Taliba, Brian, Eldrad, and Lilyann. Also Present were Lady Mairi, Lady Loren, and Lady Sarah.

There were four courses to the feast. The first was Albacore in Marinated Vegetables along with bread and fruit. Next was Spinach Quiche, Meat Pies, and Barley Mushrooms. Then came Rice Pilaf and a superb Almond Chicken with Broccoli in Cheese Sauce. Finally, there was the Twelfth Night Cake as the last course. The food was served a little fast and it seemed that one course blended with another but all in all it was a welcome change to have a well done feast.

The festivities afterward were relatively low key. The Wassail Bowl was served with great ceremony by King Armand personally. There was belly dancing, court dancing, and impromptu singing and storytelling. Many old friendships were renewed after the slow Winter season.


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