Pentathlon 2001

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Location: Calafia
Date: 08/12-13/2001

Event Staff


Unto the populace of Caid doth Maestra Maria Theresa Ipeñarrieta, Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences send most courteous greetings!

I am pleased to announce the winners of Caid's Arts and Sciences Fair and Pentathlon below. The artwork entered and displayed at the event this year was stunning, and I can say that Caid is truly the home of some of the best artisans in the Known World!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people, without whom, this event would not have run as smoothly as it did.

The Barony of Calafia, for graciously hosting the event. Mistress Robynne the Grey, entries autocrat extrordinaire. Mistress Siobhán ní Bhreoghain, judges autocrat. Baroness Brianna Je Nell of the Blue Shadows, site autocrat. Lady Ariana Irene de Caro, site coordinator. THLord Philip Williams of Aston and Lord Connor Andrew McEwan, database designer and network engineer. THLady Rebecca Mary Robynson, overseas entries autocrat. Mistress Renata Kestryl of Highwynds, demo and class autocrat. Mistress Aliskye MacKyven Raizel, for the beautifully illuminated and calligraphed scrolls for the overall winners. Master Bruce Draconarius, for calligraphing the names on the scrolls at the last minute. THLord Robindra of the Isles, for creating and donating the medallions for the overall winners. THLord Malcolm Alberic and the Pagus Sancti Geronimi, for making the wonderful site tokens. Baroness Thea Northernridge, for organizing the volunteers, and all the wonderful volunteers, you know who you are. THLady Richenda Elizabeth Coffin and her staff of Exchequer volunteers, for manning the troll booth. Their Majesties, Alaric and Kissa, for delaying their Pennsic travel plans in order to honor the artisans of Caid. All the judges and entrants, without whom the event could not have happened. And finally, to Lord Bartholomew Marchant of Studley Green, overall gopher, who put up with me for the last 2 years in organizing this event and has to live with Pentathlon for another 2 years while I get ready for the next one. And if I forgot anyone else, I apologize and I do thank you.

Maria Theresa


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Team Pentathlon Winners

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Functional Arts

Perfomance Arts

Visual Arts


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