Coronation Fall 2010

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Location: Al-Sahid Church of the Valley, Apple Valley, CA
Date: 11/06/2010

The last Court of Conrad and Eleanor and the elevation of Wilhelm and Thaleia in Al-Sahid.

Event Staff


  • The Coronation Feast was prepared by THL Blase di Angelo:
    • Bread and olives on the table
    • First Remove
      • Orange Salad with a second option of a green salad with vinaigrette
    • Second Remove
      • Grilled Chicken with garlic and lemons, braised greens and polenta
      • Vegetarian Option: pizza with an Alfredo sauce, cheese and assorted vegetables
    • Third Remove
      • Stuffed steak on pasta with a beef burgundy sauce, and grilled vegetables
      • Vegetarian Option - Vegetable Frittata
    • Fourth Remove
      • Cassata: a yellow cake filled with sweetened ricotta cheese, nuts, and candied fruit.

From the Crown Prints

Noble Lords and Ladies of Caid and the Knowne World,

Their Royal Majesties Conrad Breakring and Eleanor di Michelozzo Gianfigliazi invite you to Their final Court, and to celebrate the Coronation of Their Heirs.

This historic event will be held in the Shire of al-Sahid at Church of the Valley, Apple Valley, CA. Please bring your banners to let your presence be known and to display your support of the Crown. The banners will be draped over curtains (no poles needed).

The site will be open to the populace at 8:00 A.M., with the court of Their Royal Majesties Conrad and Eleanor to commence at 10:00 A.M.

This is a dry site, no red liquids, and sorry, no pets are allowed.

Merchanting is not allowed however merchants will be warmly welcomed at Queen’s Champion Tournament the following day at Schmidt Park.

A feast fit for a king and queen, prepared by The Honorable Lady Blasé di Angelo and staff, will follow the coronation at this site as well. The menu shall be posted following the determination of our Prince and Princess in August. For questions on the menu, contact THL Blasé. Seating to partake in this delectable experience is limited to 144, so please reserve your place early with the event steward THL Davi d’Orleans by November 01. Reservations will be held until 3:00 P.M. coronation day, after which unclaimed seats will be made available to the populace. Dishwashing facilities are not available however plastic bags will be provided for your soiled tableware. Enclosed candles are welcome. No alcohol or red liquid is allowed.

The site will close at 9:00 P.M. A bag lunch will be available for sale onsite to the populace during the afternoon break while supplies last. Off-site food retailers, supermarkets and other amenities are centrally located close by. For those wishing to avoid delay at the gate, prepay for the coronation, feast and Queens Champion Tournament may be arranged with the event steward. Pre-payment must be received prior to October 29. See the event website for more information, including overnight accommodation recommendations.


  • Baroness Éowyn Amberdrake, OP, OL, later remarked of Their Majesties that "At the end, cooks and servers were called out for recognition. Then everyone disappeared - turns out they were behind the curtained wall in the room. TRM and retinue served the cooks and servers while they sat down and ate. No fanfare, They just did it."


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