Guy of Starkhafn

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GuyTheGood Raglan InsulaeDraconis2.png
Guy the Good at Raglan Faire (2015) in Insulae Draconis, Kingdom of Drachenwald
Resides: Starkhafn
Status: Inactive
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Checky vert and argent, on a sun Or an hourglass sable

Baron Guy the Good is a long-standing member of the Barony of Starkhafn. He is part of the Starkhafn Levy fighting in both armored and combat archery on the field. Baron Guy is an integral part of the Youth Combat in the Barony Starkhafn and the Kingdom of Caid.

He was awarded a Court Barony by Ozmund and Marisa.

Also known as Guy the Good and Guy le Bon

Offices & Positions

  • Deputy Seneschal – Barony of Starkhafn (Feb 2014 till 2016)
  • Deputy Exchequer - Barony of Starkhafn (May 2011 till 2016)
  • Chatelaine - Barony of Starkhafn (Jan 2008 till Feb 2014)
  • Youth Combat Marshal, Barony of Starkhafn (Feb 2014 till 2016)
  • Youth Combat coordinator, Barony of Starkhafn (2016 till present)
  • Member Financial Committee, Barony of Starkhafn (2015 till present)
  • Committee to develop rules for the youth rapier (2014)

Event Staff