Youth Combat

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Youth Combat, formerly known as "boffers" began so that the youth of the society would have an activity to pursue. We started out in 1996 playing anywhere we could find a patch of shade big enough. It was originally done with foam sword and no helmets. Now we are wearing armor and the swords are padded pvc pipes. Youth can start playing as young as 3 years old and can continue until they are 18. Although youth are allowed on the adult field at 16 we still allow them to play if they are not ready for the adult field. We teach them that chivalry and honor is more important than winning. This is a hard lesson to learn. Some adults have not learned this lesson yet. Some of our older youth participate in the armored division. This group fights by the same rules as the adults and that means they have the same armor and weapon requirements. This group is working more on skill and control and preparing to enter the adult fields. We encourage the adult fighters to come and help and support the youth, for one day they will be fighting beside them ~ Teka Turmanov, Minister of Youth Combat


Youth Combat is overseen for the Earl Marshal by the Deputy for Youth Combat, AKA the Kingdom Minister of Youth Combat.

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