Caidémon Sword and Dagger

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Founded: A.S. LII
Status: Active
type Sandbox Post Apocalyptic Adventure Game
producer Konrad Faust Tyndel
music ...
Outro Music Horseman BlueShow Dance Theme
studio L'Academa delle Sette Spade
genre Adventure Fight Game, Adventure, sports
network Caid
network_en Adult Swim of (Caid)
first June 14, 2021
last Current
Previous Games SchlagerAcademy no Fencingo: DX Legends

Disclaimer: Game based on SchlagerAcademy no Fencingo: DX Legends and Boryoku no Rapier

Caidémon Sword and Dagger Characters

Fighter Pic Subtype (Element) Weakness (Element) Main weapon set Alt weapon set Special move Move mana cost Finishing move First Appearance Classification Quote
Master Kallidokos AlexK Darach08.jpg Electric Brown Sword & Buckler Sword & Cloak Oh no! I'm Legged!!! (free) THunderbolt Dawn of time Swashbuckler "Are you saying that this is not black?"
Aloysius de Luchis Unlock.jpg Fire/Dark Fairy Sword Case 1: Will-o-wisp

2: Shiranui

1: (Free)

2: (In DLC)

Blood Flower Blazing Moon red lunar eclipse Nemesis "If it’s not a competition, then why am I winning?”
Brig inghean Uateir Brig sword.jpg Earth Psychic Rapier & Buckler Rapier & Baton Shoot 'em in the face! (Cost: 4 Mana) You didn't need your hands anyway. Potrero 2019 Gunner "I mean... What did they think was gonna happen?"
Bugfuck Mecha-Pilot (Premium Alt Skin) Nelia altBug.jpg
Emil Camus Unlock.jpg Water/Fairy Poison/Electric Rapier & Baton Rapier Bide (cost: 0) :D Potrero 2018 Sailor "Flail until you nail it."
Commander Organae (Livith Alt. Premium Skin) Unlock.jpg Psychic Sun Rapier & Patience Rapier & Buckler Checkmate (cost:5) Remember the Objective GWW 18 General Disarray "I can't believe I had to send my own unit to the other side!"
Cornelia de Lubo Nelia sword.jpg Ground/Dark Fire Single Rapier Rapier & Dagger Vanishing Strike (Cost: All Mana) Swift Fang Snap Hearts on Fire! - A Brigand of Gestas and the Wolf of Iberia Wildheart
Fonteius Equitius Tacitus Fonz sword.jpg Heavy Metal Ice sword and huge buckler Eight pistols truestrike (cost: 1) point blank execution potrero 04 ???? "do no harm, suck no dicks"
Konrad Faust Tyndel KonradFaustTyndel.jpg Earth/Fairy Ice Sword & Dagger Sword & Cloak Avalanche of Suck (free) Orbital Strike Potrero 98 Caidémon Trainer "Don't worry, I am the slowest character in the game."
Livith filia Organae Unlock.jpg Dark Taint Rapier & Dagger Rapier & Parasol Deadly Disengage (cost:1) Resting Bitch Face Potrero 17 Swashbuckler Witch "Hips don't lie."
Medb ingen Cellaigh Medb Cell2.jpeg Dark/Water Ice Two Rapiers Glare Whirlwind of Blades (Cost: All Mana) Badger Standoff Daughter of the Otter Lineage; Survivor of the MoD Armies Feral "Are you getting to know me?"
Moire Havens Unlock.jpg Fairy/Ghost Ice Sword Sword and Coffin Silent Dance Drop Thrust Mercenary "You'd look prettier dead."
Nafar Same FB IMG 1522977075896.jpg Water Electricity Rapier & Dagger Duel Wielding Rapiers or pistols or both Shark Bite (Cost: All Mana) Tiger Shark Speed Estrella 2002 Captain "I don't see your ship", "I'm in the Market"
Nualaith Casnot Unlock.jpg Water Cold Sword & Baton Sword & Trash Whomp (Cost: All Mana) Oh Shit That Worked?! Potrero 2014 Sword Wielding Trash Panda "Don't make me use my heralding voice!!!"
Panchali Mahadeviyar Pan sword.jpg Psychic Rock Rapier & Buckler Rapier & Dagger Show em your butthole (Cost: All Mana) Cutthroat Duel of the Butts (pt.1) Rogue "I'll fucken do it again"
Paulo de Vincenzi Paulo sword.jpg Water Noble "Get bent peasants!"
Rupert Deman Rupert.jpg Fire Lightning Sword & Dagger Sword & Buckler Rush Rush (cost: 2) youth and enthusiasm GWW 18 Rival "was that too stout?"
Sancho Calavera Torres Sancho sword.jpg Dark (Undead) Psychic Rapier and Buckler Rapier and Smallsword Picante Giganti (cost: 2) Heaven by Violence Duel of the Butts (pt. 1) Mercenary "Relax, it isn't loaded"
Brigand Gestas Gestus Sword.jpg Ghost Fairy sword and inverted dagger sword and shield Kickshot (cost: 4) Falling Star Potrero 18 The Brigand Pokemon "I’ll shit in your god damn lungs"
Ottavio Unlock.jpg
Albert Torryngton Unlock.jpg
Aldgytha of Ashwood Unlock.jpg
Alesone Gray of Cranlegh Unlock.jpg
Alexander Baird Unlock.jpg
Aloysius de Luchis Unlock.jpg
André de la Mer Unlock.jpg
Todde Mac Donnell Unlock.jpg
Antonius Tesel Unlock.jpg
Avenel Kellough Unlock.jpg
Battista de Lagos Unlock.jpg
The Bear of Bashwood Unlock.jpg
Boris Borisov Unlock.jpg
Cassandre Nicole Loustaunau Unlock.jpg
Cellach of the Mists Unlock.jpg
Cesar Alejandro de Baracoa Unlock.jpg
Colwyn Stagghorn Unlock.jpg
Conrí Mac Eógain Unlock.jpg
Dafydd Gwynfardd Unlock.jpg
Dawid Radzowycz Unlock.jpg
Diego Antonio de Palma Unlock.jpg
Dominic al-hadi byn-Maalik Unlock.jpg
Edmund Barlow Unlock.jpg
Edward the Pink Unlock.jpg
Eógan Ua Confraích Unlock.jpg
Felix Selwyn Unlock.jpg
Fergus O'Fey Unlock.jpg
Fiona Unlock.jpg
Fritz der Gefolgsmann Unlock.jpg
Gabriello de Arexio Unlock.jpg
Galien Crow Unlock.jpg
Gamel of Mottrum Unlock.jpg
Garrick Thomas Atwell Unlock.jpg
Grace O'Kennaith Unlock.jpg
Harper MacDonald Unlock.jpg
Hyoo Karasu Unlock.jpg
Ian Duncanson Unlock.jpg
Isabel de Carvalhal Unlock.jpg
Jacopo Basilio Rosso Unlock.jpg
Jacques Unlock.jpg
Jerrick van Den Helder Unlock.jpg
Juliana Unlock.jpg
Keinvryd ferch Talan Unlock.jpg
Kelly le Frogge Unlock.jpg
Ketlin Talhoffer Unlock.jpg
Kynwrig ap Donald Unlock.jpg
Laertes McBride Unlock.jpg
Leofric Unlock.jpg
Lorenzo di Vita Unlock.jpg
Lot Ramirez Unlock.jpg
Luigi Unlock.jpg
Magdalena Girolama Mancini Unlock.jpg
Marcos de la Cruz Unlock.jpg
Mariah Volante Unlock.jpg
Mattea Morelli Unlock.jpg
Mella Cappera Unlock.jpg
Michael Roy Mor Unlock.jpg
Mora Ottavia Spadera Unlock.jpg
Nikolaos Phaistios Unlock.jpg
Oliver Dogberry Unlock.jpg
Patric Unlock.jpg
Raes de la Merre Unlock.jpg
Raphael ben Gideon Unlock.jpg
Reinholdt Jager Berg Unlock.jpg
Remus Cara Unlock.jpg
Rhydderch Derwen Unlock.jpg
Róis ni Brian| Unlock.jpg
Séamus macNéill Uí Chonchobhair Unlock.jpg
Sigbiorn Sigmundarson Unlock.jpg
Sute Unlock.jpg
Symonne du Charme Unlock.jpg
T Unlock.jpg
Teka Turmanov Unlock.jpg
Thomas Unlock.jpg
Tristan Unlock.jpg
Valdis Freyriksdottir Unlock.jpg
Valeria Cabrielli Unlock.jpg
Vincenzo Leoni Unlock.jpg
Vlad the Pretty Unlock.jpg
Wesley Marquand Unlock.jpg
Yaneznayu Bakavich Dhurokov Unlock.jpg
Zhivana Igorevna Unlock.jpg

Classifications: Bard, Caidémon Trainer, Cultist, Gunner, Noble, Paladin, Sailor, Swashbuckler, Rouge, Zelot

Elements: Air, Dark, Earth, Electric, Fairy, Fire, Ice, Water, Poison, Psychic