Magdalena Girolama Mancini

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Some Sea Beggars.png
Some Sea Beggars at GWW XXI.
(They're the short one, wearing the brown hood.)
Preferred title: Nobile
Their Pronouns: They/She
Resides: Gyldenholt
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per bend beviled gules and argent, a trillium argent and a poppy affronty gules.
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Name Pronunciation

Magdalena Mag-dah-lay-nah
Girolama Gee-row-low-mah
Mancini Man-chee-knee

(It might be a mouthful, but at least there's only one "r" to roll!)


Magdalena Girolama Mancini is a 16th century Sicilian hailing from Delia, a town within the Province of Caltanissetta. They sail with The Golden Fox as a rapier fighter within "The Sea Beggars" fighting unit and takes residence within The Beggars Inn.

Simply put, Magdalena is not pleased with Philip II of Spain and his rule over Sicily. Given that Philip II of Spain is also lord of the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands, Magdalena finds themselves allied with the Sea Beggars by sharing a common opposition.


Event Staff

  • Rapier Steward, Great Western War, alongside the Sea Beggars 2021