L'Academa delle Sette Spade

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L'Academa delle Sette Spade
Founded: A.S. LII
Status: Active
A lotus blossom in profile argent, overall seven rapiers in annulo points conjoined sable.

The Academa within the SCA

The Academa is both a School in the Society for Creative Anachronism and a group of friends who find pleasure (and typically, amusement) in each other's company.

The Origins of L'Academa delle Sette Spade

The Academa first made its appearance in the Barony of Calafia around A.S. LII.

The Academa is a school of the sword, it is comprised primarily of students and educators under the overall authority of its Maestro. The students are expected to attend practice on a regular basis for their own improvement and wellbeing. And through the school it is necessary that there is a way to encourage and motivate one's self. To this end there is a system of advancement and acknowledgement built in to the School (like there is with all schools).

Masters and Scholars of the School

Members of the School wear garters adorned with the cross of the School, in their year's color. This signifies Membership and Personal Advancement.

Gules Sable.jpg Patron: Gules/Sable
Vert Argent.jpg Applicant: Vert/Argent
Argent Vert.jpg Matricola: Argent/Vert
Argent Azure.jpg Fagiolo: Argent/Azure
Argent Gules.jpg Junior: Argent/Gules
Argent Sable.jpg Anziano: Argent/Sable
Argent Or.jpg Condotteri: Argent/Or
Sable Sable.jpg Instructors: Sable/Sable
Or Or.jpg Maestro: Or/Or

Symbology and Qualities of a Swordsmen

The Lynx, with his Dividers: FioreLynx.jpg Avvisamento, Wisdom, Prudence, Foresight
The Tiger, with his Double Ended Arrow:

(symbolizing Lightning)

FioreTiger.jpg Celeritas, Quickness, Agility
The Lion, and his Heart: FioreLion.jpg Ardimento, Courage, Daring, Boldness
The Elephant, who carries the Tower: FioreElephant.jpg Forteza, Strength, Fortitude
The School's symbol is a lotus

covered by Fiore's seven swords.

AcademySpade.png A lotus blossom in profile argent,

overall seven rapiers in annulo points conjoined sable.
All members are entitled to use this symbol

Guiding Principles in the Academy

  • Valor
  • Chivalry
  • Honor
  • Prowess
  • Advise
  • Instruction


  • "Blue Day" is on the first Sunday after the full Moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. On this the day of the year that members of the academy get together to blue their guards and listen to blues.

Membership in the School

The Academa admits into it's Membership Applicants who have an understanding of School's expectations and look to be involved To become an Applicant one must have a conversation with and ask the Maestro directly to become a member, not just inquire what the expectations are.

Applicants who request Membership in the School undergo a six-month stint to allow the them to learn about the members and vice versa. After the six months if the Applicant has gone to atleast half of the events and practices that the school has attended without incident. The Applicant may Advance to Matricola; Taking on all of the duties and study that this entails, and begin earning cards. Upon advancement to Meticola a student must provide to the Maestro their Cards

Current Membership

PatronGules Sable.jpg
Non fighting members of the School who provide support in a variety of ways. Patrons may Gain Major arcana cards only.

  • L1(1):None at this time
  • L2(11):None at this time
  • L3(22):None at this time

Applicants(0)Vert Argent.jpg

Matricola(0-19)Argent Vert.jpg

Fagiolo(20-35)Argent Azure.jpg

Junior(36-49)Argent Gules.jpg

Anziano(50-59)Argent Sable.jpg

Condotteri(60+)Argent Or.jpg

InstructorsSable Sable.jpg

Maestro(s) & Dean Or Or.jpg