Boryoku no Rapier

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Boryoku no Rapier Infamous "Beach episode" live action remake.
Founded: A.S. LII
Status: Active
A Argent Hippocampus On a Sable and Gules background
type tv series (Sports Anime)
director Livith filia Organae
producer Konrad Faust Tyndel
writer Sauvage le brigand (seasons 1-4), Silas Aurelius (season 5)
music ...
Outro Music Horseman BlueShow Dance Theme
studio L'Academa delle Sette Spade
genre Adventure fiction, Adventure, sports
network Caid
network_en Adult Swim of (Caid)
first October 5, 2017
last july 12, 2019
episodes 50
Original Manga Steel Brigade

Horsemen of Judgment Keep

Game SchlagerAcademy no Fencingo: DX Legends

Boryoku no Rapier is a Japanese anime television series based on Livith filia Organae's manga of the Boryoku no Rapier (manga of the same name). The series ran for a total of 366 episodes.

Season One

Our heroes the scrappy Steel Brigade grow together and challenge the rapier circuit while learning about teamwork and friendship. Their major enemies are the evil Sinners of Judgement who are in general just mean assholes.

Season 1 Title: Description:

Eoisode 1: Greed
Episode 2: Sloth and Pride
Eoisode 3: That Damn Grey Wall
Episode 4: Silas vs The Pacific Ocean The Wettening
Eoisode 5: "Do you know how to form a KillPocket?"
Episode 6: Cant Stop the Memes
Eoisode 7: Sancho and the Coinpurse Blues
Episode 8: 2 Coins to Pay the Boatman
Eoisode 9: Original Sins
Episode 10: Steel-Judgement

Season Two

Our New heroes and the Steel Brigade face off against the Sacred Order of Defense a collection of terrifyingly good champions who break out with the nightmarish secret arts. But they’re not alone, once villains the Sinners of Judgement step in alongside the Steel Brigade and unleash the force of teamwork, can-do attitudes and witchcraft.

Season 2 Title: Description:

Eoisode 1: The Phantom Balls Gestus surprises the Commander at her first Blue Show.
Episode 2: Attack of the Westies Great Western War
Eoisode 3: Revenge of the Argent Blades
Episode 4: A No Hope
Eoisode 5: Judgement Strikes Back
Episode 6: Return of the Steel Brigade
Eoisode 7: MODs Unleashed Their nightmarish secret arts take a terrifying toll on our heros
Episode 8: The Vial MOD Cyber Spawning Pools

"There are fields - endless fields - where human beings are no longer born, we are grown. For the longest time I wouldn't believe it, and then I saw the fields with my own eyes."

Eoisode 9: The Provosts The Villain takes command of his henchmen.
Episode 10: A Argent Hippocampus

Season Three

Heroic teams as they ascend into The Sacred Order itself and use their increasing skills to deal with the TRUE threat. Zardok Megametal an alien creature hidden in our moon that’s immune to everything but the secret martial arts of the sacred order! Watch our heroes defeat the giant Zardokus as they rampage across famous cities know for their rapier history as Zardok attempts to wipe out any chance of his being defeated. Also this season occasionally sees our champs turn into cute animals when splashed with water.

Season 3 Title: Description:

Eoisode 1: ClownShoes and The Librarian Backstory
Episode 2: Shakespeare and The Shadow Shakespeare learns what happens when rocket fuel meets bonfire, while the Shadow does not tell his secrets.
Eoisode 3: The Fox and the Orchid Backstory
Episode 4: The Sheriff and The Golem Backstory
Episode 5: Golems Don't Have Feelings Tyndel is revealed as a Double-agent for the MODs
Secret bonus Episode: Separated at Birth Flashback birth at the Brewery but Zardok has planned a surprise
Episode 6: Zardokus Ninja Samurai SpaceGod
Eoisode 7: The Counsel of MODs "You are on the council, but we do not grant you the rank of master."
Episode 8: Judgement Comes
Eoisode 9: You Can Put Lasers on Anything
Episode 10: The Grand ELEVATION

Season Four

Has time travel, pitting us against samurai and a terrifying ANYTHING GOES MARTIAL ARTS TOURNEY. Including Vikings, luchadors, God, like six different kinds of cat girls and we finally shove Keiti Morris in a mecha and let her go bugfuck.

Season 4 Title: Description:

Eoisode 1: The Last Tournament OF TIME
Episode 2: Space Vikings
Eoisode 3: Catgirls are Immune to WitchMagic!
Episode 4: Silas vs the Space Ocean of time
Eoisode 5: Time Samurai Cut down before you were ever born
Episode 6: The Dark Magic Mech
Eoisode 7: Time Heist
Episode 8: Bugfuck Part I Mobile suit Bugfuck
Eoisode 9: Bugfuck Part II
Episode 10: The UltraThrone of SpaceTime Who will take the throne?

Season Five

Is just a highschool drama re-imagining of the plot with moe-shit and an annoying animal mascot character thrown in.

Season 5 Title: Description:

Eoisode 1: Boryoku no Rapier The Renegade Version
Episode 2: Ninja Shogun Aassassin Animalform Highschool!
Eoisode 3: Class President
Episode 4: Proto Sins
Eoisode 5: Codename: MONGOOSE
Episode 6: Hypno-TimeFrog
Eoisode 7: The Dark School
Episode 8: Summer Serpent Fest Beach episode
Eoisode 9: NO PRISONER ULTRABOT! Chibi Zardok episode
Episode 10: The Dark Ultrablade is Forged

Evil Sinners of Judgement

Horsemen of Judgment Keep Characters Portrait Description Sin
Sauvage le brigand Sauvage Anime.jpg Backwards dagger specialist. Known as WrongStyle. GREED
Panchali Mahadeviyar Panchali anime.jpg Codename: MONGOOSE LUST
Cellach of the Mists Callech anime.jpg The Mathematician PRIDE
Valentia Arellia Valentia anime.jpg #MurderGothMom GLUTTONY
Felix Selwyn Felix anime.jpg Sinister BigBrother SLOTH
Medb ingen Cellaigh Medb anime.jpg Zealot WRATH
Brig inghean Uateir Brig anime.jpg Rocketfuel on a Bonfire AVIDITY
Silas Aurelius Silas anime.jpg SAVAGERY
Kynwrig ap Donald Cynwrig anime.jpg Super Soldier Built in a lab VANITY
Cornelia de Lubo Cornelia anime.jpg WareWolf ENVY
Ketlin Talhoffer Ketlin anime.jpg Will skull fuck a chicken in a heartbeat if Dared! APATHY
Jacopo Basilio Rosso Jacopo anime.jpg Ziggurat ....
Reinholdt Jager Berg Jäger Anime.jpg ....
Aloysius de Luchis Aloysius anime.jpg Murder
Moire Havens Moira anime2.png Deception
Tessa De Piro Tessa anime.jpg
Wesley Marquand Wesley anime.jpg ....
Lana Lana anime.jpg
Erma Berga Erma anime.jpg
Cato Vertius Vorenus Cato anime.jpg
Aine ingen Alusdair Aine anime.jpg
Godfrey Spelman Hexham Godfrey anime.jpg
Wolfstanus Wolfstanus anime.jpg
Sir Titus Aurelius Aurelius anime.jpg
Séamus macNéill Uí Chonchobhair Chonchobhair anime.jpg
Toni Cole Toni anime.jpg


Steel Brigade Characters Portrait Description Sword Names
Livith filia Organae Livith anime.jpg Class President Commander Organae The Enabler


Dagger: Slashley

Avenel Kellough Avenel anime.jpeg Grand Culinarian
Konrad Faust Tyndel Tyndel Anime.jpg Cat wrangler Allenatore

Orbital-Strike Blade

Dagger: Smeagol

Kelly le Frogge Kelly anime.jpeg The Frog The Kroaker
Paulo de Vincenzi Josh anime2.jpg The Highest of Fives Dead Hooker Maker
Mella Cappera Mella anime.jpeg Codename: G.O.A.T. Guillotina
Sancho Calavera Torres Sancho anime.jpg Sancho Of the "Brown Shoe"

, AKA The Spiderlord

Nualaith Casnot Casnot anime.jpg Resident Raccoon
Micheletto Bellavia Laertes anime.jpeg Donkey-Hotay
Mattea Morelli Melinda anime.jpg FIREGOBLIN!


The Evil Masters of Defense Portrait Codename
Alexander Kallidokos Alexander anime.jpeg The Shadow
Laertes McBride Laertes anime1.jpeg Clownshoes
Colwyn Stagghorn Colwyn anime.jpeg Shakespear
Oliver Dogberry Oliver anime.jpeg The Sheriff
Lot Ramirez Lot anime.jpeg The Librarian
Michael Mallory Image needed.jpg

File:Michael anime.jpg

(In Development)
Kelan McBride of Arainn Image needed.jpg

File:Kelan anime.jpg

(In Development)
Alexander Baird Baird anime.jpg The Villain
Eógan Ua Confraích Eógan anime.jpeg The serpent
Diego Antonio de Palma Diego anime.jpeg (In Development)
Konrad Faust Tyndel Tyndel Anime.jpg Golem
Rhydderch Derwen Rhydderch anime.jpeg The Fox
Mora Ottavia Spadera Mora anime2.jpg Orchid
Garrick Thomas Atwell Garrick anime.jpeg (In Development)

Final Boss

Portrait Description
Zardok Megametal Image needed.jpg Ninja Samurai SpaceGod