Angels 41st Anniversary Tourney

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John and Flavia, Baron & Baroness of Angels
Location: Angels
Date: 9/10/2011

Event Staff

Lady Ysenda MacLaren of Perthshire, Teardown Team Ochs of Angels & Kevin Castillo

O'Bocainain]], Baroness Gabrielle nicChlurain, Lord Peter Cadarn, Lady Selewynn Beltran (shooer-away), Lord Gerrit d'Orleans(scrumptious tri-tip!), Baron [[Jason Thomas the Wanderer[[ & Baroness Morgaine FitzStephen, Baron John ap Griffin & Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani; Jayna and Kat & Raymond (Jayna’s son & daughter); Janet of Starkhafn


Highlights from the 2-1/2 hour (!) Opening Court included:

  • A rousing “interactive” version of McFarland’s Lantern, performed by THL Domhnall mac Pharlain & THL Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh
  • Formal announcement by Their Excellencies John and Flavia regarding their search for successors
  • Presentation from Their Excellencies John and Flavia to His Royal Highness Sven Örfhendur of two large bags of “colored orange air with significant impurities” (as noted by Baron Giles Hill)
  • A hand-crafted “revenue” box for the Barony from the Barony of Dreiburgen
  • Presentation of new rapier tabards to the Barony from the Angels Rapier Corps
  • Wooden finials for the Baronial pavilion from the Barony of Altavia
  • A very poetic presentation of roses and “life-giving water” from the Barony of Naevehjem
  • A panoply of roses, jewels, baked goods, gourmet treats, owls, and of course . . . gnomes!
  • Presentation from the Barony to Their Excellencies of Angels for their upcoming vacation to Western Seas
  • An outstanding fledgling heraldic outing by Seraph Macer Lady Malie Arbuthnott

Angels New Champions

From the Crown Prints

Official event announcements sanitized to not involve personal information.


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