Dreiburgen Metalworkers' and Moneyers' Guild

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The Moneyers' Guild of Dreiburgen, Hammer-in 1998
Founded: October 17 - 18, 1998 at the Fall Hammer-in 1998
Yucaipa Adobe, San Bernardino

Guild Foremen


The Moneyers' Guild of Dreiburgen was formally established at the Kingdom of Caid's Metalworkers' Guild Hammer-in 1998.


  • Advance and disseminate knowledge of period money throughout the populace.
  • Promote the production of period style coinage by period style methods.
  • Serve the Barony of Dreibugen by providing coinage for the use of Their Excellencies.


  • The Guild advances knowledge of period money through research and the sharing of literary resources.
  • The Guild disseminates this knowledge through individual instruction, workshops and classes.
  • All moneys created by the Guild will be of period style, but not as replicas of real world pieces.

Guild Membership:

Membership is open to all participants of good standing in the Barony of Dreiburgen.

  • To be a member of the guild, one must request to be put on the Guild roster and either reside or participate regularly in Dreiburgen. Rights include the right to nominate and vote upon the Guild Foreman.
  • Members of other areas are welcome as associate members, and have all rights as other members other than to vote upon Guild Foreman.


The tenure of Guild Officers will be from Dreiburgen Baronial Anniversary to Anniversary or approximately one year.

Guild Foreman - Coordinates guild activities

  • The Foreman will be elected by the general vote of those in the guild about one month prior to Dreiburgen Anniversary, and approved prior to taking the position by the Baron and/or Baroness of Dreiburgen.

Other Officers:

  • Officers will be appointed as necessary for the running of the Guild
  • To accept any officership in the Guild, the candidate and other members of the guild will petition the Baron and Baroness at Dreiburgen Anniversary to accept their service as Forman and Moneyers' Guild of Dreiburgen, and offer their charter. Should this petition at Court be accepted, the Guild and Officers are in place until the next Dreiburgen Anniversary event.

Incomplete terms:

  • Should the Foreman of the Guild resign, or leave office for any reason prior to the regular end of their term, a new Guild Foreman may be appointed by the Baron and/or Baroness of Dreiburgen until the next Dreiburgen Anniversary Event.
  • Should an officer resign, or leave office for any reason prior to the end of their term, a new Officer may be appointed by the Guild Foreman until the next Dreiburgen Anniversary Event.

Guild Decisions:

  • Any member or associate member may propose an action by the guild.
  • Decisions will be made by general consensus, with the Foreman having right of veto.


All collective assets of the Guild are entirely the property of the Barony of Dreiburgen, and a report of these assets are to be made to the Dreiburgen Exchecher as a Domesday report at least once per year, and as otherwise requested by the Baronial Exchecher.



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