Caid Atenveldt War 1978

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Caid Atenveldt War 1978 on 26.jpg
Conrad von Regensburg carries the banner of Caid
Location: Dreiburgen
Glen Helen Park in San Bernardino, CA
Date: 10/20-21/1978

Event Staff


From the Crown Prints


On Oct. 20, 21 & 22, the Army of Atenveldt will grace the kingdom of Caid with a visit. Being the Gracious Hosts that we are, I know the people of Caid will welcome them with all that is proper…

The site will be Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino. We will be using the boy Scout Camp (same site as Caid Crown and, additionally, we have the meadow and forest area above it. Those arriving between the hours of 9am and 5pm must go through the ranger station and tell them that you are with the S.C.A. Anyone arriving outside of these times must use the secondary gate which will be manned by S.C.A. folke until 11 pm. Afterwards you’ll have to walk up and find the key.

Fees will be 50 cents/night/person for camping or $1/day/carload. The day to day fee will be collected at the Ranger’s gate and the overnight fee will be collected as you enter the gate.

All Parking will be around the lower circle. Only two cars will be allowed up to the site at a time and one of these will be an emergency vehicle.

We hope to have a ferry service as well as some trucks available to help lug up the heavy gear. There will be no exceptions to thic and the roads will be blocked and guarded

The fee for the site will be $1.50 per adult for the weekend (weather you camp out on the site or not; this is a site-use fee for everyone) & 75 cents per child under 12.

The Schedule of events

Friday 10/20:

  • 3:00 pm – Site opens

Saturday 10/21:

  • 9:00 am – Welcoming Court
  • 9:45 am – Weapons inspection
  • 10:15 – Combat of Champions: each army will field champions for the following bouts:

1. Sword & Shield 2. Longsword (great sword or hand ½ 3. Two sword 4. Impact weapon & shield (axe, mace or falchion) 5. Pole arm 6. Shortsword/dagger & buckler (not over 12”) 7. Wrestling (no holds barred; in full armor, without helms)

  • Noon: both armies will go into the woods and fight
  • 2:00 pm – Woods fight ends
  • 2:30 pm – Grand field melee
  • 3:00 pm – Archery competion for war points
  • 4:30 pm – Both armies into woods for twilight battle
  • 6:30 pm – Evening Court

Sunday 10/22:

  • 10:00 am – Inhuman vs. Human melee (Dwarves & Locksley monsters vs. humans)
  • 11:00 am – Mixed sides woods fight (unlimited lives)
  • 1:30 pm – Closing Court
  • 2:00 pm – Breaking of camp & Goodbyes

Mobile Kitchen will be serving supper all day for the war as well as beverages for fighters

The menu will be Warriors’ Stew, (the meaty kind), hearty bread, good cheese, amd hot and cold Teas.

Sunday breakfast will be a modest but high protein repast of Breakfast Meats Saute, eggs rolls and a beverage.

Donations will be $1.50 for supper (children $1.00) and $1.50 for breakfast.

Mobile Kitchen is only as effective as Your support. We help to put monies in everyones’ coffers. So help by letting MK do the cooking for you.

There will also be a Tavern that will have beer for sale, sponsored by Clan Creachainn; the Tavern keeper will be lady Su of the Silver Horn.

The Victor of the War will be determined as follows:

  • 1. Champions – 1 point to whichever Kingdom wins the bout (total points – 7).
  • 2. Wods fight – each fighter will be given 3 lives, symbolized by ribbons – once a fighter is killed he must return to lists & surrender a ribbon. He can reenter the fray. 1 point will be given to whichever side kills the most. Also 1 point awarded to the enemy if your base camp is captured. 1 point for capturing the enemy’s standard & retaining your own.(standards must carried – cannot be hidden). There will also be 3 pieces of terrain worth 1 point each to whoever holds them (total points – 7).
  • 3. Archery standard target shooting, Kingdoms with best overall point score gets 1 point.
  • 4. Field battle – side winning bets 1 point.
  • 5. Twilight battle – 1 life each for kings, Crown Princes & Banners, each worth 1 point. Side killing the most enemies gets 1 point. Total Points – 4.

Overall winner the army getting the most points.

The mixed woods fight on Sunday will be done the same as Saturday, but with unlimited lives.

Cooking Contest

To help promote Cooking excellence in the Kingdom of Caid and in Kingdom of Atenveldt, There will be a cooking contest the best Medieval dish that is a combination of two (in honor of the war) major flavors. A fruit and nut bread would be a good example, or perhaps a meat ant onion pie. Sine Singing Hands and the Order of the Silver Spoon of Caid as well as the wooden Spoons of Caid will be judging. A suitable prize will be awarded.

War Report

In the year of our Society XIII, did the slumbering Aten giant bestir itself and for answer to numerous visits from Caid and Western warriors, covetous of the Aten desert jewel, did abide a time in the Barony of Three Cities. For response did good King Armand, first of the line of Caid, call upon his levies of the five Baronies and three Shires of his realm and upon his cousin, good King James of the West, to meet with him before the army of Atenveldt, for they were known to hunger for the lush southland barony which once was a Queen's abode. And in this time were well met upon the field the three armies of Caid, West and Aten.

And the Westernchivalry, seeing the smaller numbers of the Aten horde, did say, "Honor calls us forth from where we wish to fight, for we must with the Aten stand, but with you we leave good Bellatrix in our stead."

Thus, in its time, did good King Armand stand with his host and allow the Aten to take the heights, for chivalry sake, for so ennobled by the honor and power of the West were we all.

How to tell of the faring forth? For when Aten was gone from sight did Armond send forth is van to follow. In time did go Angels, Brotherhood, Clan Creachainn, Dreiburgen, Lyondemere, Calafia, noble Reisling, Freehold, young but brave Heatherwyne and others to fare forth in glorious war with banners afly and songs lifting to heaven. In truth, did march also those with water, weapons, marshall's staff and canteens as well as chivalry and men-at-arms.

Heatherwyne did for a time guard the flank of noble Reisling in the advance, but then were called by the King to guard the rear where men with Lord Jason did also stand. They did advance to protect this flank and were for the bridge of their King's desire when word of mighty battle to come did fare forth. So, calling upon Jason and his men, did they go forth to this spot where two mighty armies faced one the other on the road to Manor House held by Aten and coveted by Caid.

Oh noble sight! So wide a valley that held the nobility of three kingdoms! See before you Aten and West defending the road that leads to the cleft in the hills above, and down on the floor below the Caid host with King and banner advancing upwards. And in between did stand great Hagar the Bear and the Golden Knights of Aten.

So was {{Heatherwyne]] pressed in service to harry the flank of the Aten defense and upwards did they climb a hill most grievous steep and tall to do battle with Western Knights and Aten men. There fell Lord Philip of Meadhe, noble marshal, and leader of all the Heatherwyne levy; and there fell also Lord Edward de Anvil, master of mead brewing. Drink a toast to them!

Thus was command left to James the Inconstant and Yaroslav the Persistent. There also fell , of the west, Andrew of Riga, and William the Lucky, whos luck availed them not that day. And many others on both sides. So did Heatherwyne for his guard, and leaving Martin the Temperate to the Bridge, find it held by Caid. Thus did Caid take the day, holding in the end Aten's banner, manor, bridge and sending to Valhalla more of his men than they of Caid.

And this speaks not of the great and terrible combat of individual champions wherein Aten held the day, norof the archers competition fierce, also taken by them. -- so say I, James the Inconstant


  • This was my first war. Although I wasn't squired to Sir Waldt von Markheim yet, he had already taken me under his wing and got me armored up and fighting. His lady, Alison, recruited me for War Gate duties and general camp help. This was the largest gathering of SCA folk I had ever seen. I was used to a fairly crude armor up until then and there I saw some museum quality stuff which generated an ambition for better quality gear. I remember I had been taking pictures (alas all lost), and as I was getting armored up I asked Alison where I should put my 35mm camera to keep it safe. She rolled her eyes in a way only she could do and said, "This is a closed site. There's only SCA here. Leave it on the table, it's safe." Not only was it safe, but when there was a slight sprinkle someone put it in my tent for me. I didn't really have my own armor at the time, so I was borrowing the baronial chain mail which was made for a much smaller man. It took three people to pull it onto me, and one of them asked me to tell them later, "what it was like to sleep in mail," because they didn't think they could get me back out. Waldt had armed me with a spear, which was an uncommon weapon at the time. I was attached to the small Drieburgen fighting unit. Several folks, including later Baron Leo de Coronado formed our front shield wall. Waldt and I were behind them, me with a spear, and him with a mace. At one point in the battle our defensive wall split apart leaving a whole plethora of White belts and other fighters from the other side right in front of me. I admit, I froze for a moment. Then Waldt in his ever calm voice said, "Edvin, kill someone, won't you?" That woke me up and I started strike after strike from about nine feet back. Not being used to spears yet, the opposing fighters were unpreparred for my assault and they went down one after another. Waldt told me later that I had killed nine in a row. I had no idea what I did since I had gone into survival mode. In a later scenario, I recall King Armand de Sevigny asking for volunteers to take a hill on which the opposing army had entrenched themselves. We outnumbered them, so to give them an honorable fighting chance, he wanted to limit our assault to similar numbers. I ended up getting specifically picked by him. I don't know whether it was because I was a spearman or whether it was because I was in the Baronial chain mail (he wore mail cap-à-pie). I felt so honored that I was on a cloud the rest of the war. We did really well on that hill too. Oh, I did eventually get out of the borrowed chain mail. ~Eadwynne of Runedun


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