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Per bend Or and purpure, two bunches of grapes conjoined proper and a goblet with a goutte in chief Or
Founded: 09/1985

The Right Noble Brewers Guild of CaidRRE was re-founded in September of 1985. On 11/01/1997 TRM Joseph and Caroline awarded the guild Right Noble status for service to Caid.

There was a previous Caidan Brewers Guild under Andregor Perlaine von Morgenwind; comprised primarily of brewers in the Baronies of Angels and Lyondemere.Their Newsletter was BREWERS' GAZETTE AND BULL SHEET.


  • To provide standardization in the Art of Brewing
  • To provide instruction in the Art of Brewing to any who are interested
  • To teach the major drinks and varieties
  • To provide information for other groups and help them in their studies
  • To help maintain the integrity of a non-alcoholic site
  • To educate the populace in safe, responsible drinking practices
  • To provide trained judges for all brewing events


The Crown of Caid, hereby grants the Brewer's Guild a Charter, henceforth to be known as the Right Noble Brewer's Guild of Caid. The Chartered Bylaws will define the purpose, operating procedures, standards, ranking and any privileges.


The Brewers Guild of Caid holds business meetings, brewing classes, judging classes, contests, and parties.

The current calendar can be found at Brewers Guild of Caid Web Site -- Calendar

Walking the Boards (1998-current)

The guild has held a party in December or January since it's 2nd year (1986). It was given the name "Walking the Boards" in January of 1998.

Walking the Boards is now usually held in January and is the 1st quarter Guild meeting and get together/party.


Walking the Boards is a day long event,, usually starting around 10am. The day's activities include:

  • The 1st quarter meeting
  • Officer changeovers
  • Brew judging, especially for folks needing a few more scores for rank advancement
  • Classes, especially those needed for rank advancement
  • Bring your own lunch
  • Potluck dinner, with the guild paying for the meat course
  • Rank advancement ceremony
  • Best use of alcohol in a desert contest
  • Gift exchange (for those who wish to participate) with a $20 limit, and the item(s) must be brewing related

Meaning of the Name

As told by Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios:

In the Dragonriders of Pern books by Anne McCaffrey, the Harper's Guild ate at tables based on their rank.

When a Harper gained a new rank, they walked the boards to the new table.

When the Guild decided to have a yearly dining event that included rank advancement, I suggested (well, pushed for actually) calling it Walking the Boards.

My vision was to have rank advancements announced at dinner, with those advancing "walking the boards" up to the head table to get a certificate of their new rank.

Great Western War Brewing Contest (2005-current)

On Saturday of Great Western War the Guild runs a brewing contest open to all brewers from all kingdoms.

Details can be found on the Brewers Guild website

Syrup Contest (2022)

In order to:

  • Replenish the Guild’s supply of syrups for the snow cone booth
  • Bring more attention to making syrups
  • Remind people that syrups are period
  • Have a fun contest

The Right Noble Brewers Guild Of Caid would like to invite everyone to enter a contest of sweet syrups at the Festival of the Rose in Dreiburgen on February 5th, 2022, showing off our non-alcoholic drink and ice embellishments.

Details can be found on the Brewers Guild website

Brew Days (2009)

In 2009 the Guild has started a series of somewhat monthly Brew Days hosted by Brewmaster Timotheus and Journeyman Donal O`Brien. The Brew Days will be hands on brewing activities. Each Brew Day will have a scheduled theme with one or more brewing projects running throughout the day.

Ranks in the Brewers Guild of Caid

The Brewers Guild of Caid has a system of rank advancement based on learning and brewing ability. The details can be found on the Brewers Guild of Caid Web Site -- Requirements for membership or rank

Members are not required to work toward earning ranks, they are there to help members focus on advancing their brewing skills and knowledge.


Current issues of the Guild's newsletter In Vino Veritas can be found on the Guild's Resource page



2022-Current Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
2020-2022 Hallr brjost Starsson
2018-2020 Magdeligha by the Gate
2016-2017 Hallr brjost Starsson
2014-2015 Reinhardt Medebruer
2012-2013 Donal O'Brien
2010-2012 Reinhardt Medebruwer
2008-2010 Donal O'Brien
2007-2008 Therese of the White Griffin
2005-2006 Therese of the White Griffin
2003-2004 Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
2001-2002 Kurt von Arriksleva
1999-2000 Therese of the White Griffin
1997-1998 Kurt von Arriksleva
1995-1996 Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
1994 Wolf Dietrich von Hohenwald
1993 Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
1992 Einar aus Enwelt
1991 Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
1990 Einar aus Enwelt
1989 Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
1988 Ambros Celidonis
1987 Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
1986 Atar Bakhtar
1978 Andregor Perlaine

More Information

The Brewers Guild of Caid Web Site has all of this info and more ... including links to Internet resources of interest and brewing resources.

Right Noble Brewers Guild of Caid Facebook Group

Brewer's Guild Rank Status Database / Google Sheet

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