Fall Crown Tourney & Privy Council 2015

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Location: Gyldenholt
Date: 09/19/2015

Crown Tournament in Gyldenholt was moved from August to September as Caid shifts Coronation to Twelfth Night.

Duke Conrad Breakring fighting for Countess A'isha bint Shamir defeated sir Mons von Goarshausen fighting for Baroness Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild to become Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Caid.

Event Staff

From Facebook & The Kingdom Calendar

(Personal information removed) - FB: Fall Crown 2015 in the Barony of Gyldenholt Site Location: Cedar Grove Park, 11385 Pioneer Rd., Tustin, CA 92783

Directions: Take I-5(North or South) and exit Tustin Ranch Road. Turn left onto Tustin Ranch Road. Next, turn left on Pioneer Way. For parking turn left onto Pioneer Road and the Event will be on Pioneer Road to the right.

Parking: There are limited parking spots available at the park. Please be courteous and leave those spots open for Pick up and drop off, and for the residents of the Tustin community. Parking will be at Pioneer High School.

Merchant information: Merchant spots available with conditions. Please contact Stewards for signup details.

Event info and other important details: All trash must be picked up and taken off site by us. Please be courteous and leave the site cleaner than how we found it.

This is a dry site.

  • Site Opens: 8:00am
  • Site Closes: 6:00pm

Site Fee and Non Member Surcharge: Make Checks payable to SCA Inc/Barony of Gyldenholt

  • Adult: $10
  • Child (5-10): $5
  • Non member surcharge: $5
  • Children under the age of 5 are guests of the Barony


Combatants in the final round were Sir Mons von Goarshausen, inspired by Dame Arianna Kateryn Nunneschild, and Duke Conrad Breakring, inspired by Countess A'isha bint Shamir. At the end of combat (eight rounds of fighting for the day), His Grace emerged victorious. Congratulations to Conrad and A'isha, Caid's new Crown Prince and Crown Princess!



Round 3

  • Sir Jamal-THL Adam
  • Sir Oz-Sir Niccolo
  • THL Rudolph-Sir Killian
  • Lady Scarlet-THL Ketill
  • Duke Sven-Sir Artus
  • THL Ulfr-Sir Halldórr
  • Sir Mons-Sir Randvér
  • Duke Conrad-Sir Ilia

Round 4

  • Sir Jamal-Duke Sven (0 deaths)
  • Sir Randvér-Sir Killian (0 deaths)
  • Sir Oz-Sir Halldórr
  • Sir Mons (0 deaths)-THL Ketill (0 deaths)
  • Sir Ilia-Sir Niccolo
  • THL Adam (0 deaths)-Duke Conrad (0 deaths)

Round 5

  • THL Ketill-Duke Conrad (0 deaths)
  • Sir Oz-Duke Sven (0 deaths)
  • THL Adam-Sir Killian
  • Sir Randvér-Sir Niccolo
  • Sir Mons (0 deaths)

Round 6

  • Duke Conrad-Duke Sven (0 deaths for both)
  • Sir Oz-Sir Mons (0 deaths)
  • Sir Niccolo-THL Adam (0 deaths)

Semi-Finals (Round 7)

  • Sir Oz-Duke Conrad (0 deaths)
  • Sir Mons-Sir Niccolo

Finals (Round 8)

  • Duke Conrad-Sir Mons


  • Leave your memories here.



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