Dreiburgen Culinary Arts Guild

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Founded: 10/29/1977


  • The Culinary Arts have been an important aspect of the Barony of Dreiburgen since before the Barony existed. The guild was first known as The Lusty Wenches Guild when Dreiburgen was still the Canton of Gorgonoth.
  • When Dreiburgen became a Barony, it became The Dreiburgen Cooks and Brewers' Guild. The Guild was responsible for one of the first annual events of the area, the Love Feast and Revel beginning in 1974.
  • As the Cooks and Brewers' Guild, most of the guild activities began in Baroness Alison's kitchen. She knew that a well-fed Barony was a happy Barony. Besides supporting feasts and revels such as the Love Feast and the Beggars' Picnic, the Cooks and Brewers' Guild supported demo events, most notably the Shakespeare Festivals in San Bernardino. Baroness Alison got everyone she could into her kitchen to make Cornish Pasties for the Demo fundraiser. Those who didn't feel they could cook, such as myself, pealed and chopped potatoes. It was always a party and on one left unfed. Cornish Pasties became a standard Dreiburgen field lunch. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun
  • The first major Feast put on by the Dreiburgen Culinary Arts (then-called the Cooks and Brewers Guild): Caid 12th Night 1979




The Guild is currently meeting monthly to share and discuss foods with a different theme each month, e.g. poultry and eggs, fruit, etc. On the first Thursday of every month, we meet at 7:30pm PT to explore the world of medieval food and cooking.



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