Love Feast and Spring Revel

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Location: home of Thomas of the Double Axe
Date: February 2, 1974

Held at the home of Thomas of the Double Axe, Redlands, CA. There was a Copper Cauldron cooking contest for fondues. The Lusty Wenches Guild was out in force.


The Barony of Dreiburgen had an annual Love Feast while it was still the Angels Canton of Gorgonoth beginning in 1973. It was considered an event of "playful dalliance" or as Master Raoul the Urbane called it, "foolishness, fun and folderol." There was both a strong bardic element inspired by Medieval Courtly Love poetry, and foods which were, in period, said to have aphrodisiac qualities (things like pomegranates if they could be found, and chickpeas).

I am not sure when the now-retired Caidan Lechers' Guild was founded, but they were involved in these and other events. Before we get too judgmental, I have been told by one of their members that they were folks "dedicated to the admiration and respect of the Divine Feminine in all Her Earthly human forms." ~Eadwynne of Runedun


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