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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Lyondemere
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Quarterly gules and Or, two catamounts passant contourny guardant Or
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Bonesig Angharat Goch verch Gwenhover is a bard, costumer, herald, artisan and courtier. She has been active in the SCA since 2000, beginning in the Barony of Bergental in the Kingdom of the East, and residing in Lyondemere since 2011.


Bardic page on Facebook:

Costuming/Artisan page on facebook:


Born on Ynys Mon (Isle of Anglesey, Northern Wales) in 1387, Angharat is the daughter of a wealthy landed knight, and therefore a member of the Welsh gentry. She grew up entranced by the legends and lore of her people - most especially the Arthurian myth cycles and the ancient British mythology collection known as the Mabinogion. Blessed to be born with an unusually educated grandmother and doting grandfather, Angharat is literate in Welsh and fluent in both French and English, as well as her native tongue.

She was fostered by her aunt and uncle in Eryri (Snowdonia, mountainous North Wales), where her greatest joys included reading, singing and other bardic pursuits, as well riding her pony, Gwynn. Angharat is a proud patriot and early supporter of Owain Glyn Dwr, who during her lifetime has lead the Welsh to freedom from Norman oppression. When not serving as courtier at Glyn Dwr's court at Harlech or visiting family on Ynys Mon, she resides on gwely land in Snowdonia, near Lake Glaslyn.



  • Member of Byrd House, an A&S household.
  • Member of Poore House, a service household.
  • Ornatrix of the Argent Falcon, a Lyondemere-based privateer ship.
  • Friend of Cliar Cu Buidhe, a bardic household.

Choral Groups

  • Former member of Concentus, a mixed voices early music choir based in Bergental in the East Kingdom (2004-2010).
  • Former member of Serenissima, a women's voices early music choir based in Lyondemere (2011-2014).
  • Occasional member of the Known World Choir (Pennsic XLII, SCA 50 Year Celebration)
  • Occasional member of Chorulus Pennicus (Pennsic XLII)
  • Member & administrator of the Caid Choir (2015-present)

Guilds and Other Groups

Offices & Positions


  • Coral Pursuivant (territorial herald of Lyondemere), 2013-7/9/2016
  • Garb Pursuivant (Kingdom deputy for the College of Heralds' regalia), 2013-2016

Court Positions





See my entry in the Caid Order of Precedence:

A&S Competitions

Caid Arts and Sciences Fair and Pentathlon 2017

  • Team Pentathlon - Team Bacon of Heaven
  • Performance Arts: Vocal (Artisan) - 2nd place
  • Composition Arts: Song (Apprentice) - 1st place

Caid Arts and Sciences Fair and Pentathlon 2015

  • Team Pentathlon - Team Lyondemere
  • Performance Arts: Vocal (Journeyman) - 1st place
  • Culinary Arts: Fresh Meat (Apprentice) - 1st place
  • Fiber Arts: Hat (Apprentice) - 1st place
  • Fiber Arts: Costume Review (Apprentice) - 1st place
  • Visual Arts: Heraldic Display - Painted Item (Apprentice) - 1st place
  • Visual Arts: Heraldic Display - Banner or Flag (Journeyman) - 1st place

Caid Arts and Sciences Fair and Pentathlon 2013

  • Team Pentathlon - Team Lyondemere - 1st place
  • Performance Arts: Vocal (Journeyman) - 1st place
  • Composition Arts: Song (Journeyman) - 1st place
  • Performance Arts: Instrumental (Apprentice) - 1st place
  • Visual Arts: Heraldic Display - painting (Apprentice) - 1st place

Territorial A&S Championships

  • Dun Or Artisan competition 2016 - competed
  • Queen's A&S Champion 2016 (Spring) - winner
  • Gyldenholt A&S Champion 2014 - second place
  • Lyondemere A&S Champion 2013 - competed
  • Lyondemere A&S Champion 2012 - competed

Territorial Bardic Championships

  • Bard of Starkhafn - winner
  • Bard of Isles 2015 - competed
  • Bard of Caid 2015 - finalist
  • Bard of Isles 2014 - competed
  • Bard of Caid 2014 - competed
  • Tower Bard (Dreiburgen) 2013 - winner
  • Bard of Altavia 2013 - competed
  • Seraph Bard (Angels) 2012 - winner
  • Lyon Bard (Lyondemere) 2011 - winner

People's Choice Competitions

  • Agincourt Tourney 2013 - 'Hollywood Archers' costume contest - 1st place (with Baron Cormac Mor)
  • Robin Hood Tourney 2013 - 'Hunt' themed entries - 1st place
  • Angels Anniversary 2011 - People's Choice Bardic - 1st place (with Ladies Avicia de Na Baiona and Cecilia Lightfoot)


  • Gyldenholt/Calafia Friendship Tourney 2015 - "Palio di Sienna" competition - Contrada di Valdimonte (winner)
  • Agincourt Tourney 2014 - Heraldic Display Competition - 1st place
  • Iron Artisan Competition 2014 - Team Poppet - competed
  • Lyondemere Cast Iron Chef 2012 - Team "Delizie della Rossa" - competed
  • Altavia Anniversary 2012 - "Legends and Lore" Competition - 1st place (with Ladies Avicia de Na Baiona and Cecilia Lightfoot)
  • Lyondemere Cast Iron Chef 2011- Team "Gracie Spoon Inn" - 2nd place