Jon Thomme and Eva

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Fotr 09 Eva JT.JPG
Jon Thomme and Eva, at FOTR 2009
Baron: Jon Thomme de Claydon
Baroness: Eva filia Edeneweyn
Baronage of: Lyondemere
Preceded by: Thomas and Angelina
Succeeded by: Pátraic and Fausta

Jon Thomme and Eva were the sixth Baron and Baroness of Lyondemere. They served in that position from 7/18/2009-7/13/2014.

Missive from Jon Thomme and Eva when they were Reeve & Reevess

Unto our friends, family, and neighbors do We, Eva and Jon Thomme, extend our most felicitous greetings!

It is our great honor to be addressing you as the Reeve and Reevess of Lyondemere, a most humbling position to be in. We are thankful for the confidence that Baron Thomas and Baroness Angelina have placed in us, and we are so grateful for the out pouring of love and support expressed to us by the populace. We love Lyondemere and its people and we are thankful for all the opportunities that we have found here.

Eva and I started participating in the SCA 1986 when Gyldenholt was our barony, we were actively serving with our household, hosting weekly fighter training, armor workshops, and garb sewing days at our house, as well as attending fighter practice at Mile Square Park. I was authorized in armored and unarmored combat and was an MIT. We served feasts and helped out where we could. In 1988 and 1989 we had a couple of SCA recruits born to our family and with two babies just 14 months apart life got complicated, eventually Eva went back to work and the requirement for her to work weekends forced us away from active participation in the SCA. The SCA was never far from our hearts and we never stopped thinking in the SCA way of Honor, Service, and Art, and raised our children accordingly. In 2005 we all jumped back into the SCA and into Lyondemere with a great enthusiasm and have hardly stopped to take a breath since then.

Over the years since our return we have striven to be a welcoming force in the barony. We feel blessed to have had the pleasure of sharing meals, chores, many laughs and a home with all of you. We could think of no greater honor than to continue sharing these experiences as the proud "parents" of our fair barony. To sit beside you and row, to reach the merry shores together, that is what we desire.

It is our honor, privilege, and duty to serve that which we hold dear, and encourage others to be examples of courtesy, patience, and grace, and to be enthusiastic workers of good. By your contributions, you have all made this a strong barony, and a strong Barony contributes to the strength of its Kingdom and the Society on the whole. For these things and for more than can be expressed in these brief pages, we thank you!

Lord Jon Thomme de Claydon
Lady Eva filia Edeneweyn
Baron and Baroness of Lyondemere