Pátraic and Fausta

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Patraic and Fausta.jpg
Pátraic and Fausta
Baron: Pátraic Ó Ceallaigh
Baroness: Rutilia Fausta
Baronage of: Lyondemere
Preceded by: Jon Thomme and Eva
Succeeded by: Fausta

Seventh Baron and Baroness of Lyondemere. Their elevation took place at Lyondemere Anniversary and Investiture 2014 on 7/13/2014, though at the time, Pátraic was deployed in Calontir. On 7/27/2014, Pátraic surprised Fausta by attending Festival of the Rose while she thought he was still on deployment. He received the baronial coronet at that time.

On October 17, 2016, Padraic resigned his position to focus full attention on modern-world affairs. Before this, Their Excellencies had requested and received letters of intent from potential heirs.

Court and Guard