Summer Coronation 2019

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Wilhelm Tsyra Coronation.jpg
TRMs Wilhelm & Tsyra at Their Coronation
Location: Wintermist
Date: 07/13/2019

Event Staff

Event Steward: Baroness Colette Olivier Le Fournier
Feast Steward: Baron Cormac Macleod of Ostaig


From the Crown Prints

The Barony of Wintermist invites you to celebrate as the Royal Heirs, Wilhelm and Tsyra take seat upon the Thrones of Caid.

In the shining heat of summer, come and revel with your Kingdom and surrounding friends as we celebrate this glorious day. We will be hosting a Dirty Dozen competition to help our new Royals get off to a great start. There will be space for displays that show The Love of Caid. This can be anything from photo collages to trim with the Caidan cross.

Wintermist (Bakersfield, CA) is well-known for its HOT summer weather. While the site is air conditioned, we urge you to dress appropriately for the weather. Cold water will be made available free of charge.

Site: Redeemer Lutheran Church, 2525 Belle Terrace, Bakersfield, CA 93309. This is a damp site. Please no open flames or pets inside of the chapel or dining hall.

Schedule: 8:00am - Site opens 10:00am or TRM’s pleasure - Opening court 6:00pm - Feast 9:00pm - Site closes

Lunch: A donation lunch will be available, consisting of shredded beef sandwiches, green salad or chips, and a beverage. There are plenty of fast-food options within 1 mile of the site.

Feast: Cost: $12.00, payable at gate. The feast is limited to 60 seats, so reservations are essential. You will be given a numbered email response letting you know where you are on the list. Please send an email if you need to back out of the list so that we may fill in the wait listed guests as needed.

In honor of HRH Tsyra's Egyptian culture, we will be exploring North African cuisine.

Starter: North African cauliflower soup with cumin, fennel, and chives. Orange and radish salad with cinnamon vinaigrette

Entree: Moroccan spice-braised chicken with dates and almonds, Asabi gullashbi-l-lahma (pastry with meat filling)

Sides: Couscous with currants and cumin, Feteeret sabanekhwa lison asfor (spinach orzo pie)

Dessert: Date fruit cup

Registration information: Adult registration, $13. Adult members, $8. Children 17 and under are guests of the Barony. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc./ Barony of Wintermist.

Dirty Dozen Competition

The basic rules for the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby are as follows:

All entrants should create 12 items based on a theme that is suitable for largess. For example: 12 needle books 12 hats from different (or the same) period(s) 12 items suitable for a specific time period 12 children’s toys

Note: items that traditionally are used in pairs should include twelve pairs, so 12 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs.

All entries should be tagged with the maker’s name and be ready to be given the day of the competition. Items do not need to be documented as this is not an Arts and Sciences competition. Items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be presented in other areas.

Judging will be done by the populace in the following manner: Each entrant display will have a cup placed next to it. During the event anyone may put a provided token into the cup accompanying their choice. Once voting closes, and all votes have been tallied, the entrant with the most tokens in their cup gets first choice of 3 items from any of the entries as a prize. Each subsequent entrant then chooses from the remaining entries in order, according to the popular vote. Each entry may only be chosen once as a prize. The remaining 11 items from each entry will be given to Their Majesties at the end of the day for use as largess during Their reign.


  • From TRM Wilhelm and Tsyra's opening court, one week after two large earthquakes centered within Naevehjem.

Lord Godfrey Spelman of Hexham: "Here comes now the Barony of Naevehjem..."

Lady Brig inghean Uateir: "THE UNSHAKEN!!"

Lord Godfrey Spelman of Hexham: ¨Led by Baroness Eularia D´Amboise¨

Lady Brig inghean Uateir: ¨THE UNRATTLED!!¨


Scrolls Presented at Coronation

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Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation Summer 2019 10.jpg Dolphin Adrienne Morgaine de Beaumont
Coronation Summer 2019 8.jpg Pelican Arabella da Siena
Coronation Summer 2019 14.jpg Pelican Brianna la Franceise
Coronation Summer 2019 1.jpg Argent Arrow Brig inghean Uateir
Coronation Summer 2019 21.jpg Knight Brut von Köln
Coronation Summer 2019 9.jpg Court Barony Cara Michelle Duvalier
Coronation Summer 2019 17.jpg Lux Caidis Cecilia Lightfoot
Coronation Summer 2019 20.jpg Award of Arms Ceolwynn of Galtris
Coronation Summer 2019 24.jpg Award of Arms Eadric the Younger
Coronation Summer 2019 4.jpg Court Barony Erenric of Devon
Coronation Summer 2019 7.jpg Award of Arms Erich von Drachenholz
Coronation Summer 2019 2.jpg Crescent of Caid Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
Coronation Summer 2019 3.jpg Dolphin Henrik der Herzhaft
Coronation Summer 2019 6.jpg Award of Arms Isabeau d'Aquitaine
Coronation Summer 2019 12.jpg Duelist Jacob de Groot
Coronation Summer 2019 27.jpg Ordo Cordis Leonora Morgana
Coronation Summer 2019 22.jpg Pelican Muirenn ingen meic Martain
Coronation Summer 2019 13.jpg Crescent of Caid Paul fitz Denis
Coronation Summer 2019 25.jpg Crescent Sword Paul fitz Denis
Coronation Summer 2019 23.jpg Crescent Sword Randvér brotamaðr
Coronation Summer 2019 18.jpg Harp Argent Rekon of Saaremaa
Coronation Summer 2019 16.jpg Dolphin Rosie Blackrune
Coronation Summer 2019 11.jpg Harp Argent Sigridr hvita refr
Coronation Summer 2019 26.jpg County Stæina Hálfdanardóttir
Coronation Summer 2019 19.jpg Crescent of Caid Tairdelbach Clannach
Coronation Summer 2019 5.jpg Knight Uilliam mór MacGregor
Coronation Summer 2019 15.jpg Chivalry Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk


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