Brianna la Franceise

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Azure, three stick weaver's shuttles in pall argent between three hawk's bells Or
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Mistress Brianna la Franceise, OP

Projects & Publications


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Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation Fall 2003 7.jpeg Award of Arms Conor de Carlton
Coronation Spring 2004 2.jpeg Award of Arms Jacob Maximilian of the Black Forest
Coronation Fall 2003 8.jpeg Award of Arms Killian MacTaggart
CoronationSpring03 8.JPG Award of Arms Muireadhach O'hEidhneacháin
CoronationSpring03 36.JPG Award of Arms Qara Unegen
CoronationSpring03 9.JPG Award of Arms Richard Surefoot Mallory
Coronation Fall 2003 14.jpeg Crescent Sword Brut von Köln
Coronation Spring 2004 1.jpeg Dolphin Daven Echern
Coronation Fall 2003 3.jpeg Dolphin Lúarán MacCearnaigh
CoronationSpring03 15.JPG Dolphin Meadhbh Eileanach
Coronation Fall 2003 5.jpeg Dolphin Susan of Dublin
Coronation Fall 2003 11.jpeg Harp Argent Elizabeth Scott of Berwick
Coronation Fall 2003 9.jpeg Harp Argent Siobhán Chantoiseau de Longpont sur Orges
Coronation Fall 2003 9a.jpg Detail of Harp Argent Siobhán Chantoiseau de Longpont sur Orges
CoronationSpring03 5.JPG Harp Argent Zenobia Naphtali
Coronation Jun-12 18.jpg Knight Philippe de Tournay