Kingdom 12th Night & Winter Coronation 2020

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Location: Angels
Date: 01/04/2020

Event Staff


From the Crown Prints

The Barony of the Angels invites you to celebrate with us as the Royal Heirs, Alexander and Tahira, take seat upon the Thrones of Caid. In the beautiful and cool Arcadia weather, come and revel with your Kingdom and surrounding friends as we celebrate this glorious day. The event site will be in the central city of Arcadia near the 210 freeway, hotels and motels, and many local restaurants. There will be entertainment throughout the day, scroll display next to the Dirty Dozen, merchants, and a designated Children’s gated area. Parents are welcome and encouraged to bring their children and use the out door children’s area. Please keep in mind that the children’s play area is not a day care, so parents must stay with children at all times.

Location: Church of the Good Shepherd located at the United Methodist Church, 400 West Duarte Road, Arcadia, CA 91007. This is a DRY site. NO open flames in the sanctuary and chapel, but will be allowed in the dining hall. NO smoking on the premises, including parking area, but is allowed on the side walk. Water only allowed in the sanctuary and chapel. Handicap accessible. Service animals are also allowed.

Schedule: 8:00 am - Site opens. 10:00 am - Opening Court (At TRM’s pleasure). Lunch will be provided during the intermission break. Feast will be determined after the closing court. 9:00 pm - Site closes.

Registration information: Adults, $13. Adult members, $8. Children 17 and under are guests of the SCA. Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Barony of the Angels

There will be a suggested $5 donation lunch available made by THL Katerina Magdalena Stoianovna. With her wonderful crew, she plans on providing us with a great tasting luncheon menu for everyone’s needs. The lunch choices will be a Beef Bourguignon (Angus beef, pearl onions, mushrooms, mixings which include red wine), Chicken Chardonnay with Capers, or a Vegetarian/Vegan option. Included will also have rice pilaf, steamed asparagus, bread rolls, and a drink. The Vegetarian/Vegan option is also Gluten free which contains vegan brown rice and lentils in a bowl with a falafel.

The Coronation Feast will be administered by the Baroness of the Angels’ Sophia de la Roche. The Roman-themed feast was inspired by our new King and Queen. The cost of the feast payable at Gate is $15.00. Feast limit is 100. There will be a waiting list for those who did not check in at Gate. Off-board seating will be available.

Feast menu: The three part remove will start with Gustatio (appetizers) of fried carrots and parsnips in a wine sauce (carotae et pastinacae), little sausage balls (botellum), and melon with a sour dressing (melones). Mensae Primae (the main) course will consist of a pork roast with pomegranate sauce (pernam), braised and roasted vegetables (pulmentarium), and sweet and sour chicken (pullum oxyzomum). The final Mensae Secundae (dessert) remove will contain Trimalchio’s Twelve Triumphs (honey cakes), Custard (tiropatina) and a fruit compote (gust de praecoquis), and fresh fruit.

Dirty Dozen Competition: The basic rules for the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby are as follows: All entrants should create 12 items based on a theme that is suitable for largess. For example: 12 needle books, 12 hats from different (or the same) period(s), 12 items suitable for a specific time period, or 12 children’s toys. Note: items that traditionally are used in pairs should include twelve pairs, so 12 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs. All entries should be tagged with the maker’s name and be ready to be given the day of the competition. Items do not need to be documented as this is not an Arts and Sciences competition. Items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be presented in other areas. Judging will be done by the populace in the following manner: Each entrant display will have a cup placed next to it. During the event anyone may put a provided token into the cup accompanying their choice. Once voting closes, and all votes have been tallied, the entrant with the most tokens in their cup gets first choice of 3 items from any of the entries as a prize. Each subsequent entrant then chooses from the remaining entries in order, according to the popular vote. Each entry may only be chosen once as a prize. The remaining 11 items from each entry will be given to Their Majesties at the end of the day for use as largess during their reign.

Merchants will be allowed to sell their lovely wares at the site. Please contact Mistress Lynnette de Sandoval.


Scrolls Presented at Coronation

(Click scroll thumbnail for more information)
Image Preview Award Recipient
12th Night Coronation 2020 7.jpg Crescent Sword Brénainn Frēobeorn
12th Night Coronation 2020 6.jpg Court Barony Dananir al-Attarah
12th Night Coronation 2020 6.jpg Court Barony Egill the Loomwright
12th Night Coronation 2020 4.jpg Crescent of Caid Elle Wynn of Essex
12th Night Coronation 2020 5.jpg Award of Arms Geirr Eiriksson
12th Night Coronation 2020 10.jpg Crescent of Caid Henrik der Herzhaft
12th Night Coronation 2020 3.jpg Dolphin Juanica Montanes
Lorissa Ordo Cordis scroll.jpg Ordo Cordis Lorissa du Griffin
12th Night Coronation 2020 2.jpg Chiron Nikolaos Phaistios
12th Night Coronation 2020 11.jpg Harp Argent Paul fitz Denis
12th Night Coronation 2020 9.jpg Award of Arms Rosie Blackrune
12th Night Coronation 2020 8.jpg Knight Sigvaldr Bjarnarson
12th Night Coronation 2020 1.jpg Duchy Tsyra tsheere Nanoup



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