Sophia de la Roche

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Resides: Angels
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Sophia Ivegard Arms.png
Per pale azure and vert, a horse salient between three mullets of four points argent

THLady Sophia is an accomplished artisan (costumer, cook -- former Cast Iron Chef of Lyondemere, scribe and many other things!) She is the niece of Mistress Kristin Alfhildr of Trondheim..

Previously, when Sophia lived in Artemisia, she was known as Ivegard Sask.


THLady Sophia de la Roche is a Burgundian woman from a Crusader family. She is an educated woman who is fond of languages, music, history, and natural philosophy. And chocolate.


  • I am one of the founding members of household Companie des Sept Etoiles.

Offices and Positions

Event Staff

  • I have been feast steward or serving in the kitchen at numerous events, including Winter Weekend here in Caid since 2009.

Classes Taught

  • Hypocras, Demo, 2004
  • Drop Spindle Techniques, Demo, 2004
  • Conversational Old English, Class Handout, 2006, (Updated 2009)
  • Tablet Weaving Basics, Collegium, 2006
  • It's Green. A Survey of Medieval Consumption of Herbs, Class Handout, 2007
  • 4 Temperments and 4 Humors of the Body - The Medieval Personality Test Class Handout, 2007, (updated 2012)
  • Old English Down & Dirty, Class Handout, 2007
  • Basic Lucet Braiding, or, How to Occupy Yourself During Court, Class Handout, 2007
  • Norse Sagas & Kenningr Class Handout, 2008, (Updated 2009)
  • Ivegard's Easy Small-Batch Mead, Collegium, 2008
  • Spice Guide, Collegium, 2008
  • Anglo Saxon Charms, Class Handout, 2009
  • Birka Diamonds, Class Handout, 2009
  • Advanced Brocaded Bands Pattern Drafting, Collegium, 2009
  • Siege Engines, Collegium Demo, 2009
  • Viking Silver Wire Bracelets, Demo Winter Weekend, 2010
  • Make Your Mark - Runic Name Inscriptions, Class Handout GWW, 2011
  • Marzipan Subtleties, Workshop GWW, 2011
  • Over and Under: Two Basic Naalbinding Stitches, Collegium, 2012
  • Viking Wire Knit - Or is it?, Workshop GWW, 2012
  • Beyond Solid Colors: Shading and Highlighting for Texture, Collegium Caidis 2013
  • Celtic Knotwork, GWW, 2013
  • Botany for Scribes, KWHSS, 2014
  • Beaded Goblet Covers, Talon Crescent War 2015
  • Cooking over a wood fire, Practicum of the Flame, Isles, 2015
  • Kitchen Gardens, Collegium Caidis, 2015
  • Make Your Mark! Runic Inscriptions and carving workshop, GWW, 2016


  • Caid A&S Pentathlon 2nd Place: 05/02/11

Projects & Publications


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Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation Winter 2013 005.JPG Court Barony Robynne the Grey
Coronation Winter 2013 006.JPG Detail of Court Barony Robynne the Grey
Coronation Winter 2013 007.JPG Detail of Court Barony Robynne the Grey
12th Night 2016 6.jpg Crescent of Caid Osanna de Fries
12th Night 2016 6a.jpg Detail of Crescent of Caid Osanna de Fries
Coronation Winter 2013 124.JPG Crescent Sword Disa blatonn
12th Night Coronation 2018 scroll 3.jpg Crescent Sword Jean Lyon du Bois
12th Night Coronation 2018 scroll 3a.jpg Detail of Crescent Sword Jean Lyon du Bois
Coronation June AS 50--09.jpg Dolphin Paul fitz Denis
June Coronation 2013 161.JPG Lux Caidis Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh
June Coronation 2013 163.JPG Detail of Lux Caidis Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh
June Coronation 2013 161.JPG Lux Caidis Domhnall mac Pharlain
June Coronation 2013 162.JPG Detail of Lux Caidis Domhnall mac Pharlain


More Information


  • I have done a bit of scroll work for Baronial and Kingdom awards.

Awards from Artemisia

  • AoA (Midrealm): 03/19/2005
  • Terpsichore's Mouffle: 11/19/2005
  • Arn Hold Baronial A&S Champion: 05/07/2006
  • Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia: 03/11/2006
  • Order of the Key Cross: 02/03/2007
  • Cirque d'Honeur: 03/17/2007
  • Gryphon's Heart of Artemisia: 04/14/2007
  • Artemesia Kingdom A&S Populace Choice: 05/05/2007
  • Windmuhlen Keeper: 05/31/2008
  • Pomme d'Or: 01/31/2009