Spring Tournament Dreiburgen 1984

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Location: The Riverside Equestrian Center
Date: 05/26/1984

Between 1984 to 1985 Dreiburgen gave up its largest and most revenue generating event “Spring Tournament” to help the Equestrian Arts get started in Caid.

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From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen Equestrian Tournament

Sharpen your Lances and dust off your saddles: The College of Equestrian Arts is at it again! the Equestrian Center of Riverside is the place. Contests include mounted and unmounted costume presentation, tilting at rings and a quintain, tilting for small (with a special prize), behead the Saracen, mounted archery with war arrows, a spectacular quest, and of course, squire, cup, and favor races.

There will be a prize for each event and grand prize for the points winners in the beginning and advanced divisions.

There will be a barding fashion show, riding lesson at the beginning and better levels, and a horsemanship quiz.

Horses may be rented for $25.00 for the day. They may be shared. Boarding is available.

Hay rides for non-riders may be arranged at $3.00 each. We plan a Hey-ride/trail-ride in the early morning for those not interested in the lessons.


  • Horse pickup begins 7:30AM
  • Beginning lessons 8:00
  • Hey ride leaves 8:30
  • Intermediate lessons 9:00
  • First event 10:00

For the pleasure of all involved, the site features GRASS, a concrete dance pad, shade, and picnic tables. Bring lunch and snacks. Bring your own water buckets.


  • Leave your memories here.

From Baron Malcolm Alberic:

What I remember is that this was the first horse friendly event held in River Bottom Parks near Rubidoux. This was very exciting for those of us in House Montrose because our home “El Rancho del Shurabet Arrih” was only five miles away by horse. We awoke early that day to feed and prep the horses. After a good breakfast we saddled up and made that ride from our home in Pedley to the equestrian center near the base of Mt Rubidoux. This ride was to later become a Dreiburgen Light Horse tradition.


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