Spring Crown Tourney 2012

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Location: 25992 Lerdo Highway, Buttonwillow, CA 93206
Date: 3/2/2012 Thru 3/4/2012

Unto the Glorious Populace of Caid!

Crown Tournament is eminent and We are excited that soon the question of succession will be settled and the Kingdoms' future will once again be secured. We have a wonderful list of Champions and Consorts trying their hand and couldn't be more pleased regardless of who is the victor of the day.

Our Marshal of the day will be His Grace Duke Tomuki and the format for combat will be the traditional challenge round for the first round, and each bout of the whole day will be best two out of three, including as is typical, final round. The Crown List will be closed at 10am, all Combatants and their Consorts must be check in by then.

Good Luck to all the combatants, We are greatly looking forward to an exciting day.

Sven and Cassandra King and Queen of Caid

Event Staff

Steward: THL Kali Raqs Sahar



The Champions fighting for their Consorts:

From the Crown Prints

Sponsoring Group: Shire of Wintermist

Site Name: Andreotti's Corner Address: 25992 Lerdo Highway, Buttonwillow, CA 93206

Event description: The Shire of Wintermist welcomes the kingdom to Caid's Spring Crown Tourney. Please join us in the selection of Their Royal Majesties' heirs on March 3rd at Andreotti's corner located conveniently close to I5. Camping is welcome.

Site fee(s): $5 for members, $10 for non-members. Camping: site fee is $10/$15 for non members. Tent space is first come first serve, but there will be space available for RV's. Unfortunately there aren't showers on site, but there is potable water.

Make check payable to: SCA Inc./SCA, Inc./Shire of Wintermist

Merchant Information: Merchants are welcome, please contact TH Lady Kali Raqs Xahar

Letters of intent will be accepted until Friday, February 17 at midnight. All who would fight or be fought for in Crown Tourney should review the requirements as stated in Corpora (Section IV, A-G) and Kingdom Law (Article 3).

The nutshell version is that you must  1) be at least 18; 2) be a member; 3) owe your primary fealty to Caid; 4) have a name and device registered or in submission;  5) have attended five events; and 6) intend to win the Crown and reign.

This is, however, only a synopsis; it is your responsibility to read the above documents and fulifll the requirments.


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