Spring Coronation 2015

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Athanaric and Sigriðr
Location: Wintermist
NOR Veteran’s Hall
Bakersfield, CA
Date: 06/06/2015

Coronation of Athanaric and Sigriðr and final court of Mansur II and Eilidh II.

Event Staff

  • Event Steward(s): Lord Da’ud ibn Ma’bad al-Wadi


From the Crown Prints

Site Opens: 9 AM
Site Closes: 10 PM

The Shire of Wintermist invites you to come celebrate the Coronation of its Heirs. Coronation and Feast will take place in the NOR Veteran’s Hall. The site is dry. A tri-tip/hot dog lunch with chips and soda or water will be available for $7/$5, respectively.

A Dirty Dozen Donation Derby (4D) for largess will be held at Coronation. The Shire of Wintermist will also sponsor a raffle for the benefit of the Kingdom. Please see the Event Web Page and the Facebook Event Page (see above) for more information regarding the 4D rules and raffle item images.

Feast Menu

Tapas -

Peppered melons
Stuffed dates
Honeyed dates
Flatbread with olive tapenade

Ensaladas y Sopas -

Orange and Onion Salad
Tomato and queso fresco
Chilled Basque soup with bread

Plato Principal -

Catalan spinach
Roasted pollo de ajo (roasted garlic chicken)
Roasted sweet onions

Postre (Dessert) -

Churros con canela y azucar (cinnamon and sugar)

Please see the Shire of Wintermist Coronation Web Page or Facebook Event Page (see above) for an ingredients list and hotels available in the area. For fire safety reasons all candles at feast must be in enclosed holders. Feast seating will open after Court (around 6:30 PM), and is limited to 100, so reservations are recommended. For feast reservations and vegetarian options please contact the feast steward in advance at coronation-feast@sca-wintermist.org.

If you would like to merchant then please contact the Event Steward, in advance, at coronation@sca-wintermist.org to reserve space.

Site fee(s): $8 plus $5 surcharge for non-members, children 12 and under are guests of the Shire.

Feast Fee: $12 per person

Make check payable to: SCA Inc./Shire of Wintermist


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Scrolls Presented at Spring Coronation

(Click scroll thumbnail for more information)

Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation June AS 50--12.jpg Harp Argent Adelheit Schwarzenkatze
Coronation June AS 50--36.jpg Pelican Alesia de Cattemere
Coronation June AS 50--28.jpg Defense Alexander Kallidokos
Coronation June AS 50--29.jpg White Scarf Alexander Kallidokos
Coronation June AS 50--30.jpg Award of Arms Angus le Todde Mac Donnell
Coronation June AS 50--05.jpg Dolphin Arianne Lightheart of Whiteheld
Coronation June AS 50--02.jpg Court Barony Brandr húslangr
Coronation scrolls Jun 2015 3.png Harp Argent Brynjólfr Brandsson
Coronation June AS 50--18.jpg Laurel Caitlin Christiana Wintour
Coronation June AS 50--26.jpg Award of Arms Caterina di Cellini
Coronation June AS 50--34.jpg Crescent Sword Ceridwen Killian
Coronation June AS 50--21.jpg Defense Colwyn Stagghorn
Coronation June AS 50--19.jpg Award of Arms Conchobar mac Lochlainn
Coronation June AS 50--23.jpg Harp Argent David Straker Whittaker
Coronation June AS 50--16.jpg Lux Caidis (Part 1) Disa blatonn
Coronation June AS 50--17.jpg Lux Caidis (Part 2) Disa blatonn
Coronation June AS 50--31.jpg Award of Arms Eabha inghean Domhnaill
Coronation scrolls Jun 2015 4.png Duchy Eilidh na Tire Dharigh
Coronation June AS 50--32.jpg Award of Arms Elizabeth Mauteby
Coronation scrolls Jun 2015 6.png Dolphin Emma Rose de Harfleur
Coronation June AS 50--15.jpg Award of Arms Erenric of Devon
Coronation June AS 50--20.jpg Award of Arms Etain Morgan
Coronation scrolls Jun 2015 2.png Lux Caidis Faizah al-Zarqa
Coronation June AS 50--01.jpg Court Barony Fia Naheed
Coronation June AS 50--08.jpg Harp Argent Gwen Hir
Coronation June AS 50--11.jpg Harp Argent Ketill rauðskeggr
Coronation June AS 50--27.jpg Defense Laertes McBride
Coronation June AS 50--25.jpg Award of Arms Lot Ramirez
10987475 10204016471517677 1637205006544687512 n.jpg Laurel Lot Ramirez
Coronation June AS 50--13.jpg Award of Arms Luca Serafini da Firenze
Coronation June AS 50--24.jpg Lux Caidis Madelyn Alcott
Coronation scrolls Jun 2015 5.png Duchy Mansur ibn al-Sha'bi ibn Rafi'
Coronation June AS 50--03.jpg Harp Argent Meave Douglass
Coronation scrolls Jun 2015 1.png Laurel Meave Douglass
Coronation June AS 50--04.jpg Dolphin Merewen of Warthwic
Coronation June AS 50--07.jpg Dolphin Monique Marie Sauniere
Coronation June AS 50--10.jpg Crescent Sword Pátraic Ó Ceallaigh
Coronation June AS 50--09.jpg Dolphin Paul fitz Denis
Coronation June AS 50--14.jpg Laurel Richenda Elizabeth Coffin
Coronation June AS 50--34.jpg Crescent Sword Rowan Killian
Coronation June AS 50--33.jpg Laurel Wilhelmina de Gothia

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