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A "Persona" in the SCA is the history or "back story" people tell about their life. For some people, a Persona is simply the name they use; for others it is much more complex and involves elaborate costumes, registered name and heraldry, and much, much more. . .

A complete list of all "Populace" pages on the wiki can be found here.

Building a Persona

Persona Stories on Compendium Caidis






Group Personae

  • Abbey of Leng: "Earliest references of the Abbey point to an original location on the blasted Plains of Leng..." read more
  • Corvus Warband: "Corvus is an Arthurian Celtic re-creation group patterned as the Personal guard of a Romano-British Chieftain during the decline of the Empire's influence in Britain..." read more
  • Owlwycke Priory: "Owlwycke Priory was a service household founded in 1986 and inactivated by 1994..." read more