Aleksina Taisiya Rogvolodovna

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Heatherwyne
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per fess VE and counter-ermine, a fess potenty, in chief a ferret statant AR masked sable
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Baroness Aleksina Taisiya Rogvolodovna, OL, follows Russian naming practices so it is appropriate to address her as Taisiya. She is the head of House Rogvolodovna, a member of the Early Period Alliance.


Taisiya was born of a Swedish father and a Slavic mother in the Russian city of Kiev. Her father, Rogvolod, was a wealthy merchant who traded furs, honey, slaves, and anything else the Christians of Miklagard wanted from the North lands. She conducted her days managing the business in Kiev while her father was traveling the Dnieper River on trading runs. She married a guardsman who had grown quite wealthy in her father’s service who was named Halfdan. The marriage was a proper business arrangement as was customary in that day. The couple moved to the shores of the Black Sea where they continue to merchant but travel little. She has acquired Apprentices to aid her.


Offices & Positions

Event Staff

  • Event Festocrate for The Cross and Crescent, Meridies, 03/1992
  • Event Autocrate for Artisan, Meridies, 1992
  • Event Autocrate for Tax Revolt, Meridies, 03/1994
  • Event Autocrate for Pas D' Armes, Meridies, 03/1995

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