Festival of the Rose and Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2010

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Location: Gallavally
United Methodist Church in Hemet
Date: 07/11/2010

Dreiburgen Summer Arts/Festival of the Rose

Event Staff

From the Dreiburgen News

Festival of the Rose

Dreiburgen Summer Arts

Festival of the Rose and Dreiburgen Summer Arts will be held this year on Saturday, July 17, 2010. The people of the Kingdom are invited to display their original work for the pleasure of Her Majesty Eleanor and the populace of CAID. Demonstrations and performance arts are most welcome. Contact the autocrats for details. See Mistress Eilidh Swann at the event to schedule a performance.

We will be holding an Arts Competition to choose Dreiburgen's first A&S Champion. There will be contests in four A&S categories: Metal arts, Brewing (non alcoholic), Woodworking, and Fiber arts. Prospective Champions must enter at least three of the four categories. Those not intending to go for the championship may enter as few or as many contests as they choose. There will be a winner in each category announced. Champion need not win all three categories, but must have the highest cumulative score to become the Champion. Documentation counts as part of the score. One page of documentation is enough, as long as it covers the criteria. Entries will be judged on the same sort of criteria as used in Pentathlon. These are (roughly): What is the entry? How was it used in period? Did you use period materials? If not, why did you choose the particular materials you used? Brief explanation of how you made it, and what you learned. Source(s) from which you copied or derived this piece. (Bibliography) Entries should have been finished within the past year, and should not have been entered in other competitions (except for displays in People’s Choice).

We have a number of classes scheduled, including beading, six-board-chest, cardweaving, beginning spinning, intaglio carving, and mustards.

Merchants are welcome.

Come and honor Her Majesty with your presence...

Schedule for the Day:

  • Site opens for Arts Display Set Up and A&S contest entries at 8:30am
  • Cut-off time for A&S contest entries 10:00am
  • Site opens for the Populace at 9:00am
  • Opening Court: 10:00am or at Her Majesty's Pleasure.
  • Site Closes: 5:00pm

Site Fees: All persons 8 and over: $10.00 (there is a $5.00 member discount). Children under 8 are guests of the Barony. Please make checks payable to SCA Inc, Barony of Dreiburgen. Ample parking is free.

THIS IS A DRY SITE! Please, no smoking and no pets.

Event Report

From the August 2010 Dreiburgen News

Festival of the Rose
Dreiburgen Summer Arts

Event Report

When/Where: July 17, Hemet United Methodist Church
Autocrat: Edwinna of Hawk's Bluff
Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion: Lord Derian le Breton (winner of metal arts, brewing, wood arts)

Highlights of the event included:

  • Teachers Aldgytha, Aulric, Bridget, Illuminada, Maridonna, and Rekon. A smaller hall was devoted to the classes, and several instructors who were able, chose to hold their classes on a continuing basis with people joining and leaving throughout.
  • Displays and demonstrations in the main hall included, but were not limited to, Darius, metal work; Elana, embroidery; Rekon, intaglio jewelry; Marie, bobbin lace, Derian, coin making; Ketill, lucet cord making; Sean Micheal, weaving; Virginia, crocheting; and Aulric, wood working.
  • The competition in which Derian took three of the five areas to become the champion. Bridget’s reproduction of the Blue Bonnet Baby from the museum exhibition of The Silk Road won the fiber arts area, followed closely by Flavia with an extensive display of indigo dyeing. All four areas where well represented.
  • Master Damales’ Challenge was won by Rekon who entered three of the four arts’ areas in which she had little or no experience. Damales’ gifted her with a knife made by his hand.
  • The performances in the main hall engaged HRM and Her populace; Beorn, and Meala entertained, Lot was our master of ceremonies, and Eilidh entertained and scheduled performances (all earned the thanks of the autocrat and the applause of the audience).
  • The merchants who brought not only items to sell, but also demonstrated and talked about their craft, and gave items to the raffle (thank you!).

Edwinna thanked the following gentles for their contributions to the day:

In the words of Edwinna...

Mora, deputy steward/royal liason, who spoke when Edwinna couldn’t, kept her focused on the job at hand and reminded her of things she needed to do, and gave wise counsel.

Gulliver and Vivienne, who secured the site, kept the church happy, gave advice, and provided the necessities for the drinkie bar and the bathrooms.

Maridonna, who organized and ran the raffle. In like manner, Maridonna thanked HRM Eleanor for helping to pick the winning numbers; Helene, Mark and Kitta for being there all day from set up to tear down; Dubhghall for heralding; William, Lice and Halbrust for lending extra hands when needed; and Edwinna and Jack for the brilliant shelf idea.

Egill and Dananir, merchant stewards, who made the merchants feel welcome and found a place for one and all, and loaned looms to the weaving students (and additional thanks to Egill who baked yummy bread for the lunch).

Fearghus and Kathleen, who prepared a delicious Royal Lunch (the famous pineapple upside down cake was again a winner).

Malcolm and Robynne, who brought and set up signs, ran gate, and sold raffle tickets. In like manner they wish to thank Lorissa and John for getting the gate started, Blue for leaving site to purchase more raffle tickets, Eilidh for purchasing 100 raffle tickets, and Reinhardt for sharing his wisdom (and root beer).

Thorvald, Malcolm, Reinhardt, and Thea, who judged the entries for the competitions (all of whom are past Pentathlon judges).

Illuminada, who was the day’s herald.

Jack of Hawk's Bluff, who helped with tables, carried stuff to and from, printed judging material, brought his lady-wife Edwinna lunch, and was her rock from start to finish.

Everyone who helped to make the event a success in every way, large or small. HRM Eleanor truly enjoyed the day, and thanks to your generosity the Dreiburgen News benefitted tremendously from the raffle. It was a great day thanks to all of you!


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