Festival of the Rose / Dreiburgen Summer Arts 2011

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Caption Needed
Location: Drieburgen
Date: 7/17/2011

Event Name and brief description.

Event Staff

Steward: THLady Blase di Angelo & Lord Balthazar van der Brugghe


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From the Crown Prints

The Barony of Dreiburgen invites the populace of the Kingdom to come forth and display their original works of art for the pleasure of Her Majesty Mora. There will be workshops and competitions. Artisans bring your best to please her Majesty. The theme of the day is “The Arts of the Northmen”.

Festival of the Rose

Artisan Displays and Performances

The Barony of Dreiburgen does hereby summon the wonderful artisans and performers of Caid to bring forth the wealth of expertise of Caid and present it before Her Royal Majesty, Mora III. Let us fill the hall with such bountiful sights so that with every step She takes She may rejoice in the talents of the artisans of the Kingdom of Caid. Please contact the Event Stewart for table space.

Auction of Services

Greetings to the populace of Caid. Join in on the fun of being a part of the “Auction of Services”. Who would not love to have a song serenaded to someone special on your behalf at the Festival? Who would like to win the services of some of our fine strong warriors to help setup camp at the next war? Each of us has special gifts and talents, put these talents to work and help raise funds for the Kingdom Travel fund and the Pennsic Fund. If you are interested in having your services auctioned, but cannot attend the Festival, we are also happy to accept your promissory of service auction it that day. All individuals interested in participating, please contact the Event Stewards. (By the way, Blase has mentioned something about a promissory from her for a Tourney Lunch for Two)

Dreiburgen Summer Arts

Summer Arts Competition

The Barony of Dreiburgen is looking for the best of the best to be their Champion. To be that Champion the contender needs to enter three of the four categories that are being offered this year. Each individual is limited to one entry per competition. There will be a winner for each category; however the Baronial Champion will be the individual with the highest total points for three categories. The categories this year are as follows:

Bardic – this will be an oral presentation of poems, readings, or dramatizations. It does not have to be memorized. The entries are to be by individuals, not teams. The Time allotment for each presentation is a maximum of two minutes. (The winner of this Bardic Competition does not become the Dreiburgen Bard. That competition is at another event.)

Costuming – Entries can be machine sewn, but the more period the better, however indicate how it would have been done in the documentation. If using synthetic fabric, indicate in the documentation what would have been used. Works in progress are welcome.

Cooking – All dishes must be prepared off site. No refrigeration or heating facilities are provided – bring what you will need to keep your entry warm or cold, as necessary. The entrant must supply his or her own containers and serving utensils. Please list all ingredients.

Arts of Combat – Entries are to reflect artwork in the form of armor, blades, sheaths, shields, bows, and quivers. (We do not want drawings or illustrations of these items, rather the items themselves, showing the artwork and craftsmanship utilized in the production of these items.) Live steel is welcome, but for display only. It will not be worn or wielded.

All entries must in submitted by 10am. Judging will be based on:

Execution (60%) – Workmanship, Authenticity, Creativity and overall Presentation;
Complexity (30%) – Scope of the project, Difficulty of techniques, and;
Documentation (10%) – Sources, Period attempted, Rationale, Explanation for deviations.

A&S Workshops

There will be a number of A&S workshops running continuously throughout the day. Bring your hammers, scissors, pencils and paper and learn a new art. New classes are being added weekly, check this Baronial webpage for the most current list of classes.

Additional classes are always welcome. Please contact the Event Stewards, if you are interested in teaching a class.

Class Schedule

A number of our artisans will be teaching crafts for all to join. Below is a listing of the current classes. 11:00 am 12:00 pm 1:00 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm Dolls Dolls Card Weaving Ram's Horn Kumihimo Leather Tooling Cheese Viking Clothing Devices Dyes

Class Descriptions:

Beginning Blazon and Emblazon: Designing and Describing a Heraldic Device - 2pm to 3pm
Instructor: Lord Dubhghall mac Aodha mhic Neill

This class will cover the basics of SCA heraldic design. Students will learn the basics of color and metal rules, how to read a blazon so that it makes sense in English, how to translate an emblazon to a blazon and back again, and how to arrange charges on the field so that they look reasonably period.

Beginning Kumihimo - 12pm to 1pm
Instructor: The Honorable Lady Cecilia Medici - Material Fee: $2

This class will teach the fundamentals of basic Kumihimo braiding, the equipment that is needed and a few basic patterns. ($2 for Kumihimo disk, string and 7 bobbins that students get to take home)

Card Weaving - 11am to 2pm
Instructor: Mistress Aldgytha of Ashwood

The first half of class will be an introduction to card weaving using a continuous warping technique. We will learn stripes, checks, diagonals, and diamonds. The second half of class will focus on double faced weaving. If there is time and interest we will go over basic 3/1 broken twill.

Exploring Period Pigments - 3pm to 4pm
Instructor: Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani

Spend an enjoyable hour learning the simple mixing of colored earths with egg yolk to create medieval egg tempera. Paint designs or promissory certificates while learning easy brush techniques.

Leather Tooling - 1pm to 3pm
Instructor: The Honorable Lord Cristofanus Castellani - Material Fee: $3

This class will teach you the basics of leather tooling using vegetable tanned leather. ($3 for the leather, students will be taking home a finished piece)

Making Jointed Dolls of Durable Clay (period action figures!) Part 1 - 11am to 12pm
Making Jointed Dolls of Durable Clay (period action figures!) Part 2 - 1pm to 5pm
Instructor: The Honorable Lady Rekon of Saaremaa - Material Fee: $10

In early period, detailed jointed dolls with tiny accessories to match are found in Greece and Egypt (and later in other places). Learn the basics of their history, then make a jointed doll of Sculpey clay to take home with you, or give to a deserving child (or adult) to play with at events. This will be a two-part class. Part 1: Background and forming the dolls. Then, break for lunch while the dolls bake and cool. Part 2: Making garb and accessories, setting up boxes for safe transport and storage. ($10 for the clay, students will be taking home a finished piece)

Medieval Cheese - 12pm to 1pm
Instructor: Lady Caitilin Bhallach

This class is an introduction to known cheeses in period with select tasting. Discussion will cover history of cheese, how they are made, and how they have evolved. Handout will include recipes. (Eating utensils are encouraged)

Ram’s Horn Card Weaving Pattern - 2pm to 5pm
Instructor: Mistress Bridget Lucia MacKenzie - Material Fee: $2

This is an Intermediate Card Weaving Threaded-in Pattern which uses 10 cards (4-hole) for the basic, single design. Students should know basic Double Faced Card Weaving and can take the Basic Card Weaving Class in preparation for this class. This is profoundly different from the Speed-Warp used to create Basic Double-Faced Weaving. Bring an inkle or card/tablet loom, 10 weaving cards, a shuttle and 3 colors of cord (recommend size 3 crochet cotton from Michaels or Walmart). There is a $2 fee for the color handout. Contact Bridget if you have questions.

Scandinavian clothing during the Viking Age - 1pm to 2pm
Instructor: The Honorable Lady Ciar ingen Daire

Learn about the various garments and accessories required for a well-dressed Viking – we will discuss men’s and/or women’s clothing, depending on student interests. We will also discuss fabric choices and embellishment suggestions. Students will leave with a personal pattern for a tunic, or an underdress and apron dress.

Viking Whipcord Braid - 11am to 1pm
Instructor: Mistress Bridget Lucia MacKenzie

Every ancient culture used twisting, braiding and knotting of fiber to make yarn, cording, rope and to trim fabric. The Vikings used a braid as straps for their embroidered aprons as well as other purposes. Historical documentation shows how braiding was done by swinging weights to twist the yarn. Students will learn this fun and easy method to make a cord. Children welcome!


There will Merchants on site. Due to limitations of space, all merchants will be indoors, please contact the Event Stewards, if you wish to be a merchant for the event.

Spoils of War Auction

There will be a “Spoils of War” Auction to raise money for the Kingdom Travel Fund. The services of individuals will be auction for the day. Please bring your bags of gold to bid on our best services. This will be the only fundraiser of the day; there will be no other raffle. If you have services to be auctioned, please contact the Event Stewards.

Schedule, Fees and Site Information

Schedule for the day:

7:00 am - Site opens for Arts Display Set Up
8:00 am - Site opens for the Populace
10:00 am - Opening Court (or at Her Majesty's Pleasure)
11:00 am - Auction
12:00 pm - Lunch Served
1:00 pm - Bardic
5:00 pm - Closing Court
6:00 pm - Site Closes

Site Fees:

$8.00 for Adult Members, 12 and over
$13.00 for Adult Non-members, 12 and over
$3.00 for Children 6 to 11
Children under 6 are guests of the Barony
Please make checks payable to SCA Inc, Barony of Dreiburgen

Site Location and Information:

United Methodist Church, 530 S. Buena Vista St., Hemet , CA , 92543

This is a DRY site. Sorry NO PETS. Smoking is not permitted on the grounds. Ample Parking is free.


A brown bag lunch will be provided for a donation of $5. The Dreiburgen Culinary Arts Guild will be providing the sweets in your lunches.


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