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Boryoku no Rapier Infamous "Beach episode" live action remake. From Original series
Founded: A.S. LII
Status: Active
BNR Main.png
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type tv series (Sports Anime)
director/Commander Livith filia Organae
producer Konrad Faust Tyndel
writer Caid Wrighting Team
Photo development Team

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PicCrew of Caid

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Photo development Team

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PicCrew of Caid

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music Alphonsus Balthasar von Hamer
Outro Music Red Star Rising
Alt Outro Music BlueShow Dance Theme
studio L'Academa delle Sette Spade
genre Adventure fiction, Adventure, sports
network Caid
network_en Adult Swim of (Caid)
first Feb 17, 2023
last Currently On Air
episodes In production
Original Manga Steel Brigade

Cadre Horsemen of Judgment Keep

Game SchlagerAcademy no Fencingo: DX Legends2

Boryoku no Rapier The New War is a Japanese anime television series based on the original Boryoku no Rapier manga.

Season One

Description incoming

Season 1 Title: Cover Description:

Episode 1: Stars were once Red BNR Episode1.png The year of the Tiger had just ended. But they were still out there, prowling in the tall grass.
Episode 2: The Ballad of MechaNafar! BNR Episode2.png In a crowded Tavern, A Dark Space Trucker Bard stands up on a table and recants a brutal story from the edges of space involving a Ninja Samurai Pirate Sentient Powerarmor
Episode 3: The Hostage Crisis BNR Episode3.png After the Cancelation of the Calafia-Gyldenholt Friendship tournament and no formal renewal of the alliance, Steel Brigade Fight for the return of Mella Cappera from the Sea Beggars.
Episode 4: Applebees BNR Episode4.png Gestus momentarily removes his human limiter by overdosing on gastationbonerpills, burns an applebees to the ground through friction, and is declared a Baron for it.
Episode 5: Let there be WAR BNR Episode5.png With the kingdoms forces split, The Free Company emerge to fight for Wintermists heart. While in the south there is a battle to decide the new godfather of rapier combat.
Episode 6: Four Redflags in a trenchcoat BNR Episode6.png Canceled and silenced? Or Silence Bankai vs Cancelation Bankai?
Episode 7: Crow vs the Twin MODs BNR Episode7.png Crow makes Cut and thrust finals with one of the twins, will he fall to Avenels blades or will he fall to the rule of a our Benevolent Dictator? Panthro also makes his latest appearance.
Episode 8: Both of 4 BNR Episode8.png Medb adorns her war horns while not on the field of battle and accidentally opens a gate to hell. With the temperature up, the Benevolent Dictator elevates to the Evil Masters of Defense. The Grand Culinarian takes council. And The only general the Cadre have ever known passes the torch of command to Alfonz, causing Shego to transform into a buckler.
Episode 9: Two Weddings and a Funeral MechaFonz1.jpeg With our new general finally in place, the opposition readies its secret weapon MECHA-FONZ. And seeing that, some of the other Villians just don't want to play anymore. All of this set to the background of some weddings.
Episode 10: Nafar the White Nafar the white.png Nafar tells us that "naked I lay upon the mountain top" (The Shark Rider). This is likely due to the results of his having been mortally wounded with severe burns.Nafar "was burned" and "clutched" by Exiles's Bane who was "stronger than a strangling snake" while they fell into The Vigil tent. They continued their battle which may have appeared to you, had you glimpsed it, as if "the mountain was crowned with storm". This seems to have been a "heated" battle, "thunder they heard, and lightning, they said, and leaped back broken into tongues of fire". Yet in the end he emerged as Nafar the White.
Episode 11: Shadow of the Exile The Exile.jpg While much seemed right in the world, there was something missing. The One Mask long ago had been forged in the darkness. And though The Exile could not yet appear in physical form, his shadows lurked on the melee field taking on his shape and imitating his movements. Goblins walked on blistered feet and crows couldent quite fly as high. In the distance of the armored melee field A wolf began to climb into the "Bugfuck Mecha Armor". Not everything was right in the world yet, but the chains on the Exiles gate began to crack. And we were all at War.

Evil Sinners of the Free Company

Free Company Characters Portrait Classification Main weapon set Alt weapon set Special move Finishing move First Appearance Quote
Sauvage le brigand Sauvage Anime.jpg Backwards dagger specialist. Known as WrongStyle. Shuriken Words Kickshot Falling Star Potrero 18 "OVER THE SIDE!!!"
Cornelia de Lubo LuboBNR2.jpeg Bitchy lieutenant / Poorly closeted werewolf Single Rapier Rapier & Dagger Vanishing Strike Swift Fang Snap Episode 9: Original Sins "I am Lady! AND YOU ARE CHEESE!"
Alphonsus Balthasar von Hamer FonzBNR2.jpeg Terminator that got sent too far back Max rapier & Huge Buckler Double Buckler Blade from orbit Buckler guillotine Manga issue 13: MC Buckler - Bucklertime - special musical issue "01110011 01110001 01110101 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100010 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101100 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101111 01101110 01101100 01111001"
Brig inghean Uateir BrigBNR2.jpeg Snarky Mom Rapier & Buckler Rapier & Baton Oops! Got your hands! Orange Cassidy shin kicks but with a sword The Episode with the Princess Bride Scenarios ...¨You need an uncrustable?¨
Diago de las Casas Lego Palpatine.jpg Actual Golden retriever with opposable thumbs Red Lightsaber™ Rapier & Dagger Lego Force Lightning Friendly tap on the snoot The stars were once red "DEW IT"
CrowJojojo Crowjojojo.jpeg Some kind of weird...bird...thing Swordinator & Dagginator Tengumaru Katana Twins Heckin Peck!! Total Extremity Annihilation Bomb Manga issue 24: Caw! Caw! The Longshot Tiger Appears! "YES, I AM CROW!"
Aloysius de Luchis Unlock.jpg Nemesis Sword Case 1: Will-o-wisp

2: Shiranui

Blood Flower Blazing Moon red lunar eclipse "If it’s not a competition, then why am I winning?”
Medb ingen Cellaigh Unlock.jpg Feral Two Rapiers Glare Whirlwind of Blades Badger Standoff Daughter of the Otter Lineage; Survivor of the MoD Armies "Are you getting to know me?"
Moire Havens Unlock.jpg Mercenary Sword Sword and Coffin Silent Dance Drop Thrust "You'd look prettier dead."

Calafia Core

Calafia Core Characters Portrait Classification Main weapon set Alt weapon set Special move Finishing move First Appearance Quote
Livith filia Organae MalloryBNR2.jpeg Class President Commander Organae Rapier & Dagger

Dagger Name: Slashley

Rapier & Parasol Throw Shade Checkmate Episode 1 "Bring me their skulls."
Paulo de Vincenzi Josh anime2.jpg Squidicus Maximus Disappearing Ink Rapier & Stein Call for Sea Whizz The Highest of Fives Episode 5: Whats Kracken Breafcase!
Mella Cappera MellodyBNR2.jpeg Codename: G.O.A.T. Song & Verse Sword & Dagger Bardic Inspiration Wicked Wit HELL YA BROTRHER! *Hulk Hogan voice*
Sancho Calavera Torres SanchoBNR2.jpeg Brown Shoe Mercenary Rapier and Buckler Rapier and Smallsword Picante Giganti Heaven by Violence Duel of the Butts (pt. 1) "Relax, it isn't loaded"
Mattea Morelli MatteaBNR2.jpeg Murder Goblin Fire
Harper MacDonald Unlock.jpg Musical Sailor Don Gato! Manga issue 13: Skull & Bones
Cesar Alejandro de Baracoa CesarBNR2.jpeg Quirky SideKick to Avenel Kellough Twin Sabers
Tristram of Summergate Trist BNR2.jpeg Sword & Dagger Bread Loaf Grenade
Jimena Baeza Unlock.jpg Chancla & Sword
Timothy McBride of Aran Tim BNR2.jpeg Rapier and spooning Big fat Tim & Little fat Tim
Salazar De La Rosa Unlock.jpg Longsword Messer

Space Beggars

Seabeggar Characters Portrait Classification Main weapon set Alt weapon set Special move Finishing move First Appearance Quote
Emil Camus EmilBNR2.jpeg Navigational Officer Rapier & Baton Single Rapier Bide DDT Manga issue 14: Would you like some coffee? "Fail it until you nail it."
Jerrick van Den Helder Erik BNR2.jpeg Miniature Giant Space Otter Yardstick Ursula Mustache twirl Shirtless sabotage Manga issue 12: Roughs and Cuffs "OOOOOOOOOOLD Smuggler"
Anders van Den Helder AndersBNR2.jpg Inn Inheritor / Space Marine Sword & Sabre Juggling balls Handstand Dazzling pushup display Manga issue 12: Roughs and Cuffs insert pun here
The Bear of Bashwood Unlock.jpg Actual Circus Bear Switch hand attack
Autumn of Caid Unlock.jpg Space Marine
Skraddare Von Vorst Vorst BNR2.jpg Space Marine Rapier & Baton Rapier & Dagger Manga issue 28: He's the Vorst ; Circa 2022 "I just want someone to knife fight me"

League of Evil Vineyard Instructors

League of Evil Vineyard Instructors Portrait Classification Main weapon set Alt weapon set Special move Finishing move First Appearance Quote
Panda PandaNoRapier.jpg Art Knight Messer Longsword Hypnotic cut Remove limbs Have you tried controlling the center and gaining the sword?


The Evil Masters of Defense


Portrait Classification Main weapon set Alt weapon set Special move Finishing move First Appearance Quote
Alexander Kallidokos Alexander anime.jpeg Swashbuckler Sword & Buckler Sword & Cloak Oh no! I'm Legged!!! Thunderbolt Premiere "Are you saying that this is not black?"
Laertes McBride Laertes anime1.jpeg Bureaucrat Sword & Dagger Dry Sarcasm Premiere
Colwyn Stagghorn Colwyn anime.jpeg Thespian Sword & Buckler Sword & Dagger words and phrases with accents 3 minute prefight monologue then headshot Premiere
Oliver Dogberry Oliver anime.jpeg
Lot Ramirez Lot anime.jpeg HeadmasterShifu Lot.JPG A Sword A Stick Constraint Tough Love There is now a Level 0
Michael Mallory M-MalloryBNR2.jpeg Privateer Rapier & Dagger Poo stick & Rapier Mean left hook From Downtown Manga #5 “Enter the Monkey” "Anything can be overcome through the power of friendship, and extreme violence."
Kelan McBride of Arainn Kelan BNR2.jpeg
Alexander Baird Baird anime.jpg Henchmen Lord!
Eógan Ua Confraích Eógan anime.jpeg
Diego Antonio de Palma Diego anime.jpeg Single sword Also Single sword "Well, that is not entirely accurate"
Konrad Faust Tyndel Tyndel Anime.jpg Sword & Dagger Sword & Cloak Avalanche of Suck Orbital Strike
Rhydderch Derwen Rhydderch anime.jpeg Rhydderch Rapier & Dagger Saber! The Artful Guard Something out of Giganti "Flat" -The cut still bruises-
Mora Ottavia Spadera Mora anime2.jpg Courtesan
Garrick Thomas Atwell Garrick anime.jpeg

Todde Mac Donnell Unlock.jpg Provocateur Sword & Buckler Cou-de-Todde "In pedibus luto"

Nikolaos Phaistios Unlock.jpg

Avenel Kellough Avenel anime.jpeg Grand Culinarian Sword And Buckler Giant Cleaver
Róis ni Brian RoisinBNR2.jpg Benevolent Dictator Bucklers R Life Daggers are okay I guess The Look
Nafar Same NafarBNR2.jpeg Space Pirate/UnHumble Shop owner Sword and Sail Shark Attack "Damn they just beat that ass huh? Here's a Potion."

Store Owners



Portrait Store Name Special Item Sold Sidekick/Animal Companion Super Special Move Quote
Nafar Same NafarBNR2.jpeg Nefar-ious Elixirs Panthro Shark Attack "Damn they just beat that ass huh? Here's a Potion."

Special Guest stars

Special Guest Star


Portrait Role Sidekick/Animal Companion Super Special Move Quote


Warlord Characters Portrait Classification Main weapon set Alt weapon set Special move Finishing move First Appearance Quote
Unlock.jpg Warlord of ??

Sidekicks/Animal Companions

Sidekick/Animal Companion Portrait Role Type Super Special Move Quote
Panthro PanthroBNR2.jpeg Nefar-ious Elixirs Shop cat Cat Turns into a Panter when he feels like going to events, Wins Finals "Meow."
Stormaggedon Dark Lord of All Storm BNR2.jpeg delightful distraction Beggars Inn spy teeny tiny teef He snack, he smack, but mostly he attack

Characters from crossover shows

Characters from Out of kingdom Portrait Role Sidekick/Animal Companion Super Special Move Quote

The Secret League of Evil Powerarmors

Boss Level Villian


Portrait Classification Main weapon set Alt weapon set Special move Finishing move First Appearance Quote
MechaNafar MechaNafar.jpeg Ninja Samurai Pirate Sentient Powerarmor Rocket, Flamethrower, chainsaw barrage Butt Lasers Friendship 800 Kiloton Selfdistruct Episode 1: Stars of Red "LAYON"


Zardok Megametal Unlock.jpg Ninja Samurai SpaceGod Extraordinaire
MechaFonz MechaFonz1.jpeg Buckler Mech R.A.P.I.E.R - Radioactive Anti-Personel Ion Explosion Rockets B.U.C.K.L.E.R - Blast-proof UraniumCeramic Kinetic Laser and Reactive Shield Not yet reveled Fell Fyre Cannon loaded with P.OW.E.R.M.E.T.A.L

(Plasmatic Octuple Warhead Emitting Radial Megaton Exploding Thermonuclear Anti Lifeform) shells

Episode 9: Two Weddings and a Funeral "machine code noises"

Special Henchmen of Note



Portrait Classification Weapon set Special move Power strike Quote

Characters in story but pending location

Pending location


Portrait Classification Weapon set Special move Power strike Quote
Rupert Deman Unlock.jpg Rival Sword & Dagger Sword & Buckler Rush Rush youth and enthusiasm GWW 18 "was that too stout?"