Spring Tournament Dreiburgen 1980

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Location: Dreiburgen
Sunset Hills Ranch, Redlands
Date: 04/26/1980

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On April 26, 1980, Dreiburgen Spring Tournament was held in Redlands. Fifteen (15) fighters signed up for double eliminations. There was also a Shortsword and Buckler, single eliminations.

From the Crown Prints

Spring Tourney and Banquet

Dreiburgen Spring Tourney and Banquet has been incorporated into a medieval festival at Sunset Hills Ranch. The patron of this establishment is eager to provide the site for this event in return for the Society's bringing a new group of people to his ranch. Entertainers and artisans are encouraged to come and display their talents and ell their wares to the sizeable mundane audience expected.

In addition to, and simultaneous with, the events listed below, we will have dancing, melees and combat demos in the festival area.


  • 8:00 Set up
  • 10:00 Festival Begins
  • 10:30 Grand March and Opening Court
  • 11:00 Lists signup, armor inspection
  • 11:30 Lists close; combat begins (sword and shield, dagger/short sword and buckler)
  • 1:30 midday meal
  • 2:30 pandybat contest
  • 3:30 finals for both Lists; Field will open for challenges until 4:30
  • 5:00 Closing Court
  • 7:00 Banquet
  • 8:00 Revel

Prize for the short sword and buckler competition will be a brass dagger hand made by Adrian Buchanon. For the sword and shield competition, the prize will be a matching brass sword.


Pandybat: By definition, a weapon which is at least as dangerous to the wielder(s) as to the intended victim. Nonfighters - this is your chance to inflict the products of your imagination on the fighters of your choice. All pandybats must pass marshalate weapon standards. Spons. by Adrian Buchanon. Prize is a 3' halberd.

Unicorn: A song, story, picture, sculpture, research paper, costume, candle, calligraphed work, or anything that means unicorn to you. All entries will be put on display. Spons by [[ |Schirleah the Chaste]], prize: The Lore of the Unicorn..

Leatherwork: Best leather accessory capable of being worn on or attached to a belt. Includes scabbards, gloves, purses, mug jackets, or whatever else your skill and ingenuity can devise. Spons by Eichling von Amrum, prize is a belt buckle with a hand-carve stone insert.

Most authentic death: Deaths on the field will be observed for authentically outstanding examples, and a separate deathblow of your choice will be dealt those who feel their untimely demise in the Lists did not give proper scope for their talents. Spons by the Mistress of Lists. Prize is a winding sheet (10 yards of taffeta).

Singing: The song of your choice, but be aware that extra points will be given to songs sung in a foreign language Transcripts of words and translations are requested by not required. Spons by Karin von Schatten, prize TBA.

Attention artisans: If you have a booth or pavilion to set up in the festival area, or if you need a booth or table to display your wares, it is imperative that you contact Adrian Buchanon with information as to construction and space requirements. 10% of sales will be requested as a donation to help cover the cost of the festival.

Banquet reservations must be received by Crown Tournament. Our cooks tell us that for $5.00 per person we can serve a 3-course meal featuring Canelyne pie (beef and cinnamon). onion tarts and chicken and orange.


Double eliminations

Shortsword and Buckler


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