Spring Tournament Dreiburgen 1981

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Location: Sunset Hills Rancho in Redlands
Date: 05/16/1981

Dreiburgen Spring Tournament

Event Staff

Marshal: Leo de Coronado

From the Crown Prints


The Dreiburgen Spring Festival will be held in Redlands, on a grass field at Sunset Hills Ranch. It will both a tournament, with a banquet-revel, and a public-invited SCA demonstration. Artists are invited to bring their wars for sale or show. This event will be heavily advertized in the local media, and we are expecting an even larger turnout than last year.

There will be two separate lists; the first being open to any weapons from, and the second for any weapon 20 inches or less and a buckler or armored hand. Two prizes will be awarded for the day

Contests to be held:

  • DRAGONS: Rules for this contest are wide open. Any form of dragon, representation, essay, recipe, or just something that reminds you of a dragon is fair game for this contest. Prize to be announced (it will be worth it).
  • COMPANY OF CLOTHIERS SONG: Dreiburgen's Clothiers, having just recently settled on their name now wish to have a son. An embroidered pouch by Vanessa de Linn will go to the person best able to re-write the "Union Lable" song for them.

The Banquet will be three courses of Lady Elenoré de Brus d'Artois' fine medieval cuisine. The banquet will cost $7.50 per person and the money muxt be in to me by the general Collegium session in May. Banquet spaces will be limited

If you have anything to show or sell at this event, farspeak Lord Adrian Buchanon.


Sword and Shield

Short Sword

Awards given


  • I remember this tourney because I really wanted to win the short-sword and buckler prize. But who did I first come up against? Sir Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst who was a Crown contender. I fought... and to my surprise I hit him. The fight was stopped and Sir Jason considered the blow and decided it wasn't quite hard enough. No problem, I thought. That's just an invitation to hit harder. We started fighting again and something from my Karate training kicked in and I started shouting KIYA with every thrust. I heard one of my household shout to the others, "Come look and see... Edvin's killing a knight!" And, sure enough, I got a good solid thrust to the side of Sir Jason's helm, Jason fell, and I was elated... but then Sir Jason got up and asked for a marshal. Adrian Buchanon was marshalling and came to him to see what was going on. Sir Jason asked, "Is a thrust to the side of a helm with a short sword a killing blow?" My heart sank, I'd been lucky so far... Adrian simply responded, "It was legal when you WERE Knight Marshal." Sir Jason laughed and agreed. He then came over to me and said, "Just to make it look good, would you mind killing me again?" Of course I said, "Sure." The fight resumed and he intentionally left his head wide open, at which point I slit his throat. He made a grand show of dying, and I think he even got an award for "best death" at the end of the tournament. The only other challenger was Rhyance Llew ap Llewellyn. He killed me in a single shot... You win some, and you lose some. Great time though. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun


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