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Results from Caidan events in 1980.

Armored Combat

Spring Crown Tournament 1980

Dreiburgen Spring Tournament 04/26/1980

Double eliminations

Shortsword and Buckler

Fall Crown 1980

1980 Grand Prix De Tournaments

  1. Gregory of York - Champion of Caid 33
  2. Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst 32
  3. Martin the Temperate 26.75
  4. Andrew Ian of Blackthorne 24
  5. Adrian Buchanon 17

Tied for 18th place were:

18. Brian the Inquizitive 1

18. Peterzolledin de Arroyo 1

18. Karin von Schatten 1

Dreiburgen Anniversary 10/25/1980

St. Geronimus Tournament 11/08/1980

Fall Queen's Champion 11/23/1980

Arts & Sciences



Target Archery

Thrown Weapons

Unarmored Combat

Youth Combat

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