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The premiere tournament held on behalf of Caid's unbelted fighters. It usually occurs in January or February. At some Unbelted Tourneys there is a melee between the Chivalry and unbelted combatants, with the possibility that the King may designate certain unbelted fighters to fight on the side of the Chivalry.

Gyldenholt Unbelted

Year Winner Finalist
03/15/1980 Adrian Buchanon
12/05/1981 Unknown
03/27/1982 Unknown
02/12/1983 Unknown
02/04/1982 Unknown
02/09/1985 Glyn ap Rhodri
02/01/1986 Frewin Finnbogason Njal Grimmsson
02/07/1987 Frewin Finnbogason Njal Grimmsson
02/06/1988 Frewin Finnbogason Njal Grimmsson
02/04/1989 Frewin Finnbogason Njal Grimmsson
02/03/1990 John ap Gwyndaf of Holdingford
02/02/1991 Derrick of Kent Njal Grimmsson
02/01/1992 William Schuyler Scarpedon
01/30/1993 Brand Armond of Lancaster
01/29/1994 Direk Ivanovich Sven Orfhendur
10/14/1995 Rørik Sverðmaðr
01/20/1996 Wilhelm of Thunderhall Sven Orfhendur Verify
02/01/1997 Njal Grimmsson Conall Eoin MacTavish
01/31/1998 Ragnar of Sandcastle Drogo Fitz William
01/30/1999 Conall Eoin MacTavish Franbald of Loncastre
01/29/2000 Franbald of Loncastre Helgi hrafnfæðir
01/27/2001 Rained out
01/26/2002 James of Nayland Marcellus Drachenklaue
01/25/2003 Gamel of Mottrum Malcolm Ross
01/31/2004 Vlad the Indifferent Wilhelm of Caid
01/29/2005 Hakon Bloodaxe of Orkney Taliesin de Morlet
xx/xx/2006 George of Lancaster Gunther of Orkney
02/17/2007 Haraldr hlátrmildr Adam MacAndrew
01/26/2008 Sean de Winter Asa Ironjaw
02/14/2009 Agrippa Morris Ciaran Blackrune & Tyll Gustafson; round robin final, Agrippa won 2 straight to go to victory.
01/24/2009 Agrippa Morris
01/23/2010 Athanaric Thaurismunths sunus
01/21/2012 Gunther of Orkney
01/24/2015 Adam MacAndrew

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