Ciarán Ó hEaghra

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Ciarán [top] / Jumana and Ciarán [bottom]

Resides: Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Sir Ciarán Ó hEaghra was the 9th Baron of Dreiburgen with Jumana al-Zarqa, the 9th Baroness of the Barony of Dreiburgen. He later stepped down and Jumana remained Baroness.

He was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry on 6/6/2009 at Coronation Spring 2009 by Sven II and Kolfinna II.

Sir Ciarán Ó hEaghra was a member of Halfdan Hall, but was released when knighted.

He is a member of the Goode Ship Indigo Rose


Ciarán is an 1100s Irish warrior of great renown. He is an artisan as well and has made a name for himself as a cordwain.

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