Spring Crown Tournament 1980

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1980-04-19 Martin-Neptha Heirs.jpg
TRM Balin of Tor and Amsha al Sirhan presenting regalia to TRH Martin the Temperate and Neptha of Thebes
Location: Heatherwyne
Date: April 19th and 20th, 1980

Spring Crown Tourney was hosted by the Shire of Heatherwyne at Silver Lake Park over the weekend of April 19 and 20, 1980.


From the Heatherwyne Press, Vol. III, No. 4


by Amanda Januarius of Silver Woods

Heatherwyne, CAID - Caid Crown Tourney was held here on April 19 and 20, A.S. XIV (1980). The following are short notes on what happened.

  1. Martin won!
  2. We hosted a Crown with Mairi as the Autocrat.
  3. We have a new banner and a new eric.
  4. Congratulations to our new armigers Lady Sarah Telyn and Lady Annalind Airamid the Healer.
  5. Congratulations and thanks to us from us.

At Closing Court on Sunday Dreiburgen raised the point that Silver Lake Park was, technically, not within the Shire of Heatherwyne. Building on this premise they demanded restitution or retribution. Their demands were:

  1. Mead
  2. Half of the women of Heatherwyne
  3. Mead
  4. Ducks from Griswold's duck pond
  5. Mead
  6. Exotic dancers to perform at three of their events
  7. Mead
  8. The allegiance of our citizens to Baron Leo for six months
  9. Services of our cooks at their banquet
  10. Services of 10 archers for six months.
  • When questioned about this Philip had this reply: "I pass gas in their general direction."
  • James announced at court: "Millions for defense but not one duck for tribute."
  • Emory had this to say: "I'd rather fight than pay."
  • Stephan's reply: "I am willing to contribute several gallons of Dreiburgen blood for this tribute."


  • Please feel free to add memories to this section

From James the Inconstant

From Baron Malcolm Alberic:

I found this closing paragraph in a report to the Earl Marshal dated May 30, 1980 that I thought I should share
“Although the April 19 and 20 Caid Crown was held in what we feel is Dreiburgen, it was hosted by Heatherwyne. We will leave it to them to provide the information on that important Event.
Baron Leo de Coronado, Marshal of Dreiburgen"


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