Spring Coronation / Queen's Champion 2012

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Coronation Jun-12 38.jpg
Scroll display at Coronation
Location: Location
Date: 6/2/2012 Thru 6/3/2012

Spring Coronation / Queen's Champion 2012

Event Staff



Spring Coronation

  • Brief listing of major points of the day

Queen's Champion

Awards from both Coronation and Queen's Champion

Order of the Pelican

Signum Regni {Sven III & Cassandra}

Legion of Courtesy

Harp Argent


Court Barony

From the Crown Prints

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Scrolls presented at Coronation. For more information click on the scroll thumbnail.

Image Preview Award Recipient
Scrolls and socks 031.JPG Award of Arms Ana inghean uí Riagáin
Coronation Jun-12 25.jpg Award of Arms Duncan Rose
Coronation Jun-12 28.jpg Award of Arms Nathaniel Longbow
Scrolls and socks 035 - Copy.JPG Crescent of Caid Arianne Lightheart of Whiteheld
Coronation Jun-12 15.jpg Crescent of Caid Ida Haroldsdottir
Scrolls and socks 066.JPG Crescent of Caid Jens inn draumspaki
Coronation Jun-12 11.jpg Crescent Sword Alexander Baird
Scrolls and socks 033.JPG Crescent Sword Torgan Mongke
Coronation Jun-12 17.jpg Dolphin Adelheit Schwarzenkatze
Coronation Jun-12 24.jpg Duellist Lot Ramirez
Coronation Jun-12 13.jpg Harp Argent Fionnghuala de Buchanan
Coronation Jun-12 10.jpg Harp Argent Gemma Rohesia
Coronation Jun-12 33.jpg Harp Argent Isabel de Kelsey
Coronation Jun-12 32.jpg Harp Argent Lot Ramirez
Coronation Jun-12 14.jpg Harp Argent Richenda Elizabeth Coffin
Coronation Jun-12 18.jpg Knight Philippe de Tournay
Coronation Jun-12 36.jpg Laurel Cristal Fleur de la Mer
Scrolls and socks 037 - Copy.JPG Laurel Quintin Phelan
Coronation Jun-12 30.jpg Laurel Typhainne d'Alixandre
Scrolls and socks 038 - Copy.JPG Pelican Belinda of Emeric
Coronation Jun-12 37.jpg Pelican Valla-Lúta Kolladóttir

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