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Events are the primary gathering activities for participants of the SCA.

Society Events Defined

The term “Society event” refers to tournaments, feasts, and other activities whereby participants can display the results of their research into the culture and technology of the period in an environment which evokes the atmosphere of the pre-17th century Middle Ages and Renaissance. It also refers to educational activities involving either one-time classes or ongoing Society university organizations, and meetings where participants share skills or discuss the business of the group. All Society events must be sponsored by official branches of the Society, registered with the Seneschal of the sponsoring branch, publicized at least to the members of that branch, and conducted according to Society rules.

Requirements for Participants at Society Events

Anyone may attend Society events provided they wear an attempt at pre-17th century clothing, conform to the provisions in Corpora, and comply with any other requirements (including but not limited to site fees or waivers) which may be imposed. At business meetings and informal classes, the requirement to wear pre-17th century dress may be waived. All participants are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Caidan Events

Caidan Kingdom-level Events are Caidan Crown Tournaments and Coronations, Caid Twelfth Night, the Anniversary Tournaments for each of Caid's political subdivisions, the Festivals of the Rose, the Consort's Champion Tourneys (for all weapons formats), the Arts and Sciences Pentathlon, the Crescent Artisan, sessions of the Collegium Caidis, Great Western War, and such other events as may be declared to be Kingdom events by the Crown.

Events in the 1970s

Events in the 1980s

Events in the 1990s

Events in the 2000s

Events in the 2010s

Events in the 2020s

Events of Caid
Events: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s

Event Types: Tournament, War, Collegium, Revel, Court, Arts & Sciences Competition

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