Dreiburgen Anniversary 2012

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Location: Rancho Jurupa Park, 4800 Crestmore Road, Riverside, CA 92509
Date: 10/27/2012

Dreiburgen Anniversary 2012, Celebrating All Things Welsh and Wonderful


Event Staff


  • Announcement and Ceremony for the new Reeve and Reevess of Dreiburgen Sir Ciaran Blackrune and Lady Jumana al-Zarqa
  • Heavy Weapons Champion, Duke Sven Örfhendur
  • Rapier Champion, Baron Dafydd Gwynfardd
  • Winner of Costume Contest, Mistress Robynne the Grey who wore a Viking apron dress fashioned from a pair of blue jean overalls modified with black checky gores and inserts, enhanced with strands of lapis lazuli, garnets and malachite attached with safety pins.
  • Bardic Filk won by Mistress Robynne the Grey who wrote and performed "Back in the C.A.I.D" sung to the tune "Back in the u.S.S.R." by The Beatles.


From the Crown Prints

Join the Barony of Dreiburgen at Rancho Jurupa Park (4800 Crestmore Road, Riverside, CA 92509) for a day of good old-fashioned down home fun.

It is historically accurate (in certain circles) to explain that the Welsh were celebrated in period for their…glorious lack of sophistication. Yes, that’s the way to put it. Here in Dreiburgen, we also wish to celebrate this particular aspect of Welsh medieval culture on our anniversary.

For fighters (armored and rapier), there will be a single elimination tourney with the following twist: any fighter can earn an extra life by getting a sponsor (indicated by a patch upon his or her fighting garment) up to 5 extra lives. Prizes will be given for the Victor of the Tourney and Best Death.

For those whose thrills are found outside the field of combat, there will also be several activities and competitions, including:

  • A Filking Bardic contest – The performance piece Must be a filk. It may or may not be original, but bonus points are granted for original filks that mention Dreiburgen (Think along the lines of “Sweet Home Dreiburgen” or perhaps “I’m Sure Glad I’m a Dreiburgen Boy”)
  • A costume contest for the best representation of Welsh national garb in the theme of the day – Use your imagination. Be able to explain your sartorial choices to the judges.
  • Various on site games
  • Youth activities

There will also be several Halloween-themed activities to celebrate the season.

The site opens at 8:00am and closes at sunset. Anyone interested in merchanting needs to contact the autocrat as there is a separate fee. The site is damp. It is handicapped accessible and pets are permitted on leashes.


From the 15 freeway and points west, find your way to the 60 freeway eastbound. Exit at Rubidoux, turn right. At Mission Road, turn left. At Crestmore Road, turn right. The entrance to the park is past Crestmore Manor on the left. Once you have paid fees at the gate, we are at the very back of the park to the right. From the 215 freeway and points east, take the 60 freeway westbound to Rubidoux and turn left. From here, follow the directions as given.

Site Fee:

$5 for adult members, $3 for children 5 to 12, children under 5 are guests of the barony. The $5 surcharge for non-members will be requested. Make checks payable to SCA/Barony of Dreiburgen. Also, the site charges a $3 per person charge to be paid at the gate upon entry (in & out ok).


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