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The Chancellor was the legal advisor to Caid in both mundane and SCA legal matters. Under corporate and later Kingdom law, the Chancellor had to be a modern attorney at law. The Chancellor's job included maintaining the Laws of Caid and making sure they were consistent with the various rules, regulations, precedent and modern laws to which the kingdom was subject.

Officially, the Chancellor was entitled the "Principality Chancellor" before Caid independence and "The Lord Chancellor" after that, though the common usage was to call "The Lord Chancellor", the "Kingdom Chancellor" or just the "Chancellor."

The Chancellor had custody of The Great Sword of Caid and carried it at kingdom events. The office had ceremonial duties at every coronation connected with the use of that sword. The Chancellery was one of the original seven great offices of Caid. He or she had several lesser offices of state under him or her, including the Constable and the Kingdom Archivist. The Chancellor marched first in grand marches behind only royalty.

It is doubtful if either of the two Principality Chancellors were ever active in the SCA except in a token fashion. The office was considered vacant or essentially vacant for at least a year before Thin Robert of Lawrence took the Lord Chancellor's office at Caid's first Coronation. He held the office, with one short interruption, for almost seven years, including Caid's first fourteen reigns, which is the longest tenure in any Caidan great office of state.

Aurelia of Ashton held the office for several years before turning it over to Etienne Pèlerin du Fauçoneau. Then the office was essentially abolished when the Corporate BOD changed it into a lesser office under the Seneschal. Etienne immediately resigned due to the inherent conflict of interest he claimed that situation created. No one has held the office since.

Thin Robert of Lawrence has said that the creation of the Chancellor's office fit very well into the then-volunteer nature of the SCA in that it enticed attorneys to give their very expensive services for free in exchange for an impressive title and other free, to the Society, perks.

List of Chancellors of Caid

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