Angels Anniversary & Investiture 2015

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Angels Populace Device
Location: Angels
Date: 09/12/2015

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(Personal information removed) Come join us on the joyous occasion of the Barony of the Angels' Sapphire Anniversary--45 years since its birth. We will commemorate our Harvest Celebration with a Grande Tournament of Baronial Champions!

Like the changing of the seasons, we will honor the services of Baron Peter Cadarn and Baroness Gabrielle nicChlurain at their final court before the Investiture of Sir Uilliam mór MacGregor and THLady Fara MacGregor as the new Baron and Baroness of the Angels. Once court closes, let the 'Games of the Baronial Throne' begin!

ARTS & SCIENCES CHAMPION: "Show your Allegiance" with heraldic display is the Arts & Sciences theme. Enter your latest and greatest work in the People’s Choice Competition and Angels Baronial Championship! Documentation is not required for the People’s Choice Competition, however, it is required to enter the Baronial Arts Championship. Laurels who vote in the People’s Choice Competition get an additional token worth five points to bestow upon their favorite entry. Prizes will be awarded in People’s Choice Competition for Adult and Youth (age 12 and under) divisions.

ARMORED COMBAT CHAMPION: Everyone needs a "warm-up" prior to fighting and this year it will be--Sheep Football! Come join the fun and warm-up for the main event.

Angels’ new Armored Champion will be determined by a standard single-elimination heavy weapons list. Fighters can earn an extra life by entering any work in the A&S competition or join in the Bardic Circle. Only one extra life per fighter.

RAPIER CHAMPION: Rapier fighters will be entered into 5-person pools. The top two fighters in each pool will enter single elimination to determine the champion. Fighters can earn an extra life by entering any work in the A&S competition or Bardic Circle. The extra life can only be used during the pools and only one extra life per fighter.

UNARMORED COMBAT CHAMPION: A new Unarmored Combat Champion will be chosen in a standard list format.

YOUTH COMBAT: Youth Combat will begin immediately after Opening Court for the following age groups: Up to 6 years, 7-9, 10-13 and 14-16. Young warriors must wear closed-toe shoes and parents must be present while their children compete.

HESTER SPOON: (or Fork) Tempt our judges’ palates with your use of CUCUMBERs (special ingredient) in two divisions: SCA-Period Dishes (Documentation and recipe required) & Not-So-Period Dishes (just recipe). All entries must have a full list of ingredients or they will not be judged (index cards will be available on site). Please bring serving utensils and “tasting” flatware (plastic is fine).

SHOWCASE RAFFLE: The Barony will continue with its tradition of holding its traditional raffle at Anniversary; however, this year it will be a "Showcase Raffle." Please contact Dame Lynette at anniversary @ sca-angels dot org to donate specialty items. Items will NOT be accepted the day of the event. For more information, please go to Angels Showcase Raffle 2015

MERCHANTS: Please contact Baroness Morgaine FitzStephen at ducorbeau @ aol dot com to sign up for a merchant space. Merchant set-up begins at 8:00AM.

FIBER FROLIC: Stop by the Unicorn Fiber Arts merchant booth to learn a new fiber craft or just hangout while working on your current project


  • 8:00 am Site Opens for Setup
  • 9:00 am Lists Open
  • 10:00 am Opening Court or at Their Majesties’ pleasure
  • 11:00 am Lists Close
  • 2:30 pm A&S Judging
  • 4:30 pm Closing Court
  • 6:00 pm Site Closes (Everyone must be off site by 6:00 pm)

SITE FEE: $5.00 (plus an additional $5.00 for non-members). Children 5 and under are guests of the Barony. Please make checks payable to: SCA Inc./Barony of the Angels

SITE: Kuns Park, 1600 Bonita Avenue (between Bonita Avenue and Magnolia Street), La Verne, CA 91750


SETUP: Please off-load on the west end of park (except Merchants who will off load on Bonita). Do not block driveways or park in private parking lots unless you gain permission. Let’s show the neighborhood we are a fun group that they want back! Please contact the event stewards by August 30, 2015 regarding eric space reservations.

DIRECTIONS TO THE EVENT: Take your favorite freeway to the I-210 Freeway towards La Verne. Exit Fruit Street South towards Foothill Blvd/La Verne. At the fork, merge onto Foothill. Turn right onto Wheeler Avenue and continue south. Turn left onto Bonita Avenue. Parking is limited to street parking, so carpooling is encouraged. Carts and assistance to offload may be available with advance notice, please contact the event stewards for more information.


Baronial awards were bestowed by Their Excellencies Baron Peter Cadarn and Baroness Gabrielle nicChlurain:


The Angels 45th Anniversary raffle was a great success due to the contributions of MANY people!

Thank you to Baron Liam, Baroness Fara, and Lady Selewynn Beltran for their fantastic idea to have a “select” raffle. To event steward Lady Sonya St. Pauli Blackrune for the great name “Showcase Raffle”. And to the four of them for allowing me to run the raffle! It was great fun getting to showcasing some of our wonderful artisans and donors!

Of course, Thank you to all those wonderful artisans and donors: Lady Arianna Foxford, Baroness Arianwen Megan McBride of Arainn, Lady Briana MacCabe, Countess Bridget Lucia MacKenzie, Tiarna Ciothruadh Dubh aka Kythera of Anevern, THL Fu Ching Lan, Lady Maile Fergusson, Lord Eadric the Younger, Baroness Faraand Baron Liam, Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, Lady Muirenn ingen Ailella, Lord Paul fitz Denis, Baron Peter Cadarn, Lady Rowena del Baylly (Garb The World), Lady Selewynn Beltran, Lady Sonya St. Pauli Blackrune, Baroness Therese of the White Griffin, and Lord William Ulfsson!

Thank you to all the fantastic folks who bought tickets and who came by to view the showcase and appreciate the donations!

Thank You to Duchess Natalya de Foix for creating the great Caid Wiki page to showcase our raffle items and donors. Several people told me they’d been following the page to watch for new raffle items!

Thank you Very Much to Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani who created the fantastic “Instant Gratification” Grab Bags that folks loved so much!

I deeply appreciate all of those who helped the day of the raffle, things went smoothly because of your hard work! THANK YOU!

Setup: Lady Arianna Foxford
Ticket Sales: THL Edith of Arbroath, and Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling
Heralds: Dame Selene Colfox, Baron Cormac Mor, Baroness Tezar of Aeolis
Callers: Lady Cassandra de Lorrain, and Lady Monique Marie Sauniere
Lovely Vannas: THL AEthelwynne of Ashgrove, Lady Arianna Foxford, Cassie, and Baroness Cecilia
Take Down: Lady Arianna Foxford, THL Edith of Arbroath, and Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling

And always Thank You to Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling for his help and support on the whole project!

I apologize for anyone I’ve left out … I was a bit brain dead by the end of the day (some would say all day!), please let me know who you are so.

Gratefully Yours, Dame Lynnette


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