Virtual Lyondemere Anniversary and Investiture

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Baron Guillem and Baroness Arwen
Location: Lyondemere
Online Event
Date: 6/20/2020


From the Crown Prints

Event Stewards: Lady Batu Sechen Tsagaajin and Lord Geiri Smiðsson

Come one, come all to the Barony of Lyondemere's Virtual Anniversary & Investiture event to be held June 20, 2020! The time has come to bid farewell to Baron Conchobhar & Baroness Seraphina, and welcome in the Reeves, Arwen McBaird & Guillem Cosinier to the Baronial Thrones. That will take place during the Kingdom's Court on June 20! The remainder of the celebration that day will include the following events:

  • Lyon Bard Virtual Competition
  • Arts & Sciences Virtual Display & Competition
  • Virtual Martial Competitions (Rapier, Armored & Archery)
  • Virtual Scriptorium
  • Virtual Feast
  • Virtual Revel

And possibly more! Set aside June 20 beginning at 10 am and stay as long as you'd like! Stay tuned to this Event Listing for updates regarding the schedule, start times and end times, and offerings of the day! Come celebrate with us, virtually!



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