Batu Sechen Tsagaajin

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"Crownhog's Day, 2018"
Resides: Lyondemere
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Per pale sable and vert, a tyger sejant contourny argent maintaining a hand mirror Or.

Lady Batu Sechen Tsagaajin, goes by Sechen. Alchemist and perfumer. Please make sure it's okay to recognizer her in Court...preferably before Court.


Batu Sechen Tsagaajin is a 13th century Mongol persona. Her name translates to "Wonderful Girl of the White Mongols." The persona, a nomadic type, resides around the Black Sea area, traveling North into the Golden Horde territory in the Winter and south into the Ilkahnate during the summer. She is a merchant and deals in exotic fragrances, spices, herbs, and oils.

Offices & Positions

  • Baronial Chronicler, Lyondemere, 2016-2018, 2019-present
  • Baronial Lists Officer, Lyondemere, 2018-2019
  • Baronial Constable, Lyondemere, 2018-present

Event Staff

  • Co-Steward, Lyondemere-Gyldenholt Yule, 2017
  • Co-Steward, Lyondemere Anniversary, 2020
  • Great Western War Morning Cries (NW half of camp), 2019

Arts & Sciences Projects

  • Scent of Caid, Queen's Champion Arts & Science Entry, 07/16/2017
  • Hermetic Heraldry, Potrero War Arts & Science Winner, 05/25/2018
  • Medieval Medical Kit, Queen's Champion Arts & Science Entry, 02/01/2020
  • Baronial Perfumes & Largesse Creations
    • Altavia (No Drama)
    • Angels (Heaven Scent)
    • Calafia (Warrior of Earth)
    • Dreiburgen (Misty Mountain)
    • Dun Or (Desert Moon)
    • Gyldenholt (Gylded)
    • Shire of the Isles (The Shire)
    • Lyondemere (Lyonsong)
  • Estrella War Largesse, February 2020 "Sun & Moons"


  • Roman Aromatherapy (Potrero War, 2017; GWW 2017)
  • Smell Like an Egyptian (GWW, 2018; Lyondemere A&S Night, 2018)
  • Classic Scents and Where to Find Them (w/ Geiri Smiðsson, GWW 2019)
  • Women's Health in the Middle Ages (GWW, 2019)


The person behind the persona of Sechen has a few autoimmune disorders, including Lupus. Because of this (and her sincere dislike of being put on the spot), please ask her well before Court if she's okay to be recognized during Court. Sometimes, she won't physically be able to do it, sometimes she won't mentally be able to do it, and sometimes she may surprise you and be all over it. Always check first.

She started attending Lyondemere Council Meetings with her husband, Geiri Smiðsson, in January of 2016. They both joined the SCA as official members in July of that same year, just before Lyondemere Anniversary.


  • Leave your memories. Be kind.

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