Summer Investiture Tournament 1976

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Morven and Bevin
Location: Angels
(Tournament) Aroyo Seco Park, Pasadena, CA
(Investiture) Holy Trinity Church, Alhambra, CA
Date: 06/05/1976

Although Guy Marchand de Montvert, fighting for Fiona MacGregor, had won the Spring Coronet Tournament 1976 the month before, he was unable to perform the duties of Prince of Caid due to modern-world issues. Therefore, on the day that would have been an Investiture, the Coronet Tournament was refought, with Sir Morven of Carrick, fighting for Bevin Fraser of Sterling, defeating Sir Hugh the Undecided fighting for his lady wife Rosemary of Talmont.

The Coronation of Morven and Bevin took place after the tourney at Holy Trinity Church in Alhambra (Angels).

Event Staff


From the Crown Prints

(Personal information omitted)

The Coronetting Ceremony and Banquet will be held at the same church that was used last June. The Bishop of Holy Trinity has requested that no religious jewelry be visible inside the hall that we will be using. This does not mean that you cannot wear any jewelry of your particular religion; it simply means that if you wear any, it must be worn inside of your costume and not visible. This includes crosses, Stars of David, necklaces and rings of any other faith. If this rule is not followed, you will be ased by the constables at the door to please put your jewelry out of sight. This may sound like a rather harsh requirement, but if we do no agree, then we will lose the use of this hall which we have for the donation to the church of $25. We cannot find a hall anywhere else that will only cost us this small amount. If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact me and we can discuss it. -- Lady Gabrielle nicChlurain, Seneschale, Barony of the Angels

175 reservations are available for the banquet. The price of the ticket is $4.00 ($2.00 if you volunteer to work at the Banquet). Please send the following to Lady Arabella Lyon de Rohese: Your money ($4.00), a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of your tickets; and a new arrangement this time: there will be pre-arranged seating. The tables seat about 40 people so get together with whomever you wish and indicate on a piece of paper. Lady Fiona MacGregor will be handling the seating. Deadline for reservations is June 1 (we will notify you if we get all 175 before that and have to close reservations before June 1). There will also be a waiting list and you will be notified immediately if someone cancels (by the way, if you have to cancel let Lady Arabella know IMMEDIATELY!)

If you would like to help with the banquet, contact Baroness Ximena Aubel de Cambria. ATTENTION: CHILDREN! If you are interested in helping serve, please contact either Lady Maria Alysaundre de Rohese or Lord Guillym Avery of Royse at the same address and number as Lady Arabella.

Caid Anthem Contest: I am sponsoring a special contest to write an "anthem" for the Principality of Caid. I am accepting submissions up until 1 June. The tune does not have to be an original one; remember, we want everyone to be able to sing it! I will be judging on: 1) suitability of lyrics, 2) adaptation to the tune, 3) "singability" for the populace, and 4) general pleasing sound. Please send me the lyrics type and a copy of the music if the tune is obscure. The winner will be announced at Opening Court on the day of the tourney and copies of the song will be passed out at that time. The winner will receive a prize, as well as a scroll with the lyrics of the new song calligraphed upon it. The other judges in the contest will be Prince Gregory of York, Princess Vivian de la Mer, and Baroness Jessica Llyrindi of Northmarch.--Lady Fiona MacGregor

Photo Image-Making Contest: 4 categories:

  • (1) Portraits: chest up, prefer recognizable medieval clothing on person.
  • (2) Full standing shot, one or two persons. Costume and/or medievalistic pose.
  • (3) Fighting shots, minimum 2 fighters, up to & including full melees.
  • (4) Court shot: some ceremony such as formal introduction, knighting, crowning, receiving an award, etc.

All photos will be judged on excellence as photographs as well as medieval compositions.

Judges: His Highness Gregory of York, Baron Armand de Sevigny, Lord Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe, Mistress Bjo of Griffin, Lady Joan of Crawfordsmuir

Prizes: First prize in each category will be $15.00. And there will be a judges' choice prize awarded by each judge to the photo of his choice. Prize to be 2 rolls of film (choice of the winner). Judges reserve the right to give no award in any category.


  • Minimum size: 3x5 rectangle, 3x3 square
  • Old or new photos accepted
  • All photos become property of the contest
  • Color of black & white photos acceptable.
  • No slides or transparencies

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 1, 1976. Entries will be display at the Coronetting and winners announced.--Lady Joan of Crawfordsmuir, Royal Imagemaker of Caid



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