Spring Crown 1981

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Location: Dreiburgen
Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa
Date: 04/11/1981

Event Staff


Royal Presence

Their Majesties Armand II and Diana II


Awards Given


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From Baron Malcolm Alberic:

What I remember about this event was that in the months prior a common topic of conversation in the barony was “Why isn’t Adrian a Knight?" These discussions usually ended with the standard joke that no mater one’s accomplishments one had to move out of Dreiburgen to be elevated.
Aladric and I were late and arrived just after the end of opening court. We were greeted by friends running up to us saying that Adrian just got Knighted! (Remember in those days Peerages were given out by surprise like any other award in Caid) Adrian being Knighted in morning and being Crowned Prince of Caid in the evening had the Barony of Dreiburgen very excited “Local Boy Makes Good!


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