Kingdom 12th Night & Winter Coronation 2017

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Caption Needed
Location: Nordwache
Date: 01/07/2017

The Barony of Nordwache will be hosting the Final Court of TRM Oz and Marisa, the Coronation of TRH Agrippa Morris and Bridget Lucia MacKenzie and Kingdom 12th Night Feast.

Event Staff

  • Facebook page: Caid Coronation/12th Night

Event Information

  • Site: Porterville Veterans Memorial Building, 1900 W Olive Ave, Porterville, CA 93257
    • Building opens at 9:00 am for event seating, and closes at 9:00 pm
    • Directions to the event: From CA-99 N take exit 30 toward CA-65 N/Porterville. Follow CA-65 N to W Olive Ave in Porterville. From CA-99 S take exit 77 toward Tipton/Avenue 152. Turn right onto Burnett Rd and then turn right onto Ave 152/Olive St.
  • There will be a Dirty Dozen Largesse competition during Coronation. Look for more information on that competition on Facebook. Both Coronation and Twelfth Night Feast will be held at the Porterville Veterans Memorial Building.
  • Queen's Champion will follow the next day at the Porterville Sports Complex.
  • Adult Member Registration is $10, Adult Registration $15, child ages 6-11 $5, Children under 6 are guests of the Barony.
  • Feast registration: $15 per person. Make check payable to: SCA Inc./Barony of the Nordwache. Feast seating is limited to 130.

12th Night Feast Menu

Theme: German 13th Century to 16th Century

  • On the table: Cheese, bread, butters and liverwurst .
  • First Remove
    • Heidenische küchen (Heathen Cakes) - minced meat pie
    • Cucummern (Cucumber Salad)
  • Second Remove
    • Vngerische Käeßsuppen (Hungarian Cheese Soup)
    • Bread
  • Third Remove
    • Gút Schweinebraten (Good Roast Pork)
    • Hærræ Salsæ (Sauce for the Lords) - Cinnamon Sauce
    • Brat Ruben (Fried Root Vegetables)
  • Fourth Remove
    • Pomerantzen Salat (Sour Orange Salad)
    • Torten von Epffel (Apple Tart)
  • Beverages: Hippocras, water, coffee, tea

Please let the Chef know if you require a vegetarian option


  • Laureling of Mistress Colette de Montpellier
  • Elevation to the Order of Defense of Eógan Ua Confraích
  • Al-Caid and Lady Caid paraded into court on a chariot preceded by horns, percussionists, dancers, palm-frond-beauties, conquered riches, gladiatori, senators and legions (well. A small legion at least).

From the Crown Prints

(Personal information removed)


  • Leave your memories here.


Scrolls Presented at Coronation

Thanks to Theonis de Zeeuwe for taking pictures!

(Click scroll thumbnail for more information)

Image Preview Award Recipient
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 10.jpg White Scarf Alexander Baird
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 19.jpg Court Barony Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 17.jpg Laurel scroll (Done as a book) (See more pictures on Thomas Brownwell’s page Catherine Adrienne de Steele
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 13.jpg Award of Arms Chamayn of Castile
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 18.jpg Duchy Chamayn of Castile
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 20.jpg Laurel Colette de Montpellier
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 15.jpg Laurel Donal O'Brien
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 16.jpg Award of Arms Elizabeth de Avenbury
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 4.jpg Lux Caidis Ellyn of Tanwayour
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 7.jpg Dolphin Eularia d'Amboise
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 14.jpg Award of Arms Felix Selwyn
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 3.jpg Knight Francesc Miguel Joaquim Inacio
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 6.jpg Dolphin Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 11.jpg Award of Arms Katla Hasse
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 12.jpg Master of Defense Kelan McBride of Arainn
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 21.jpg Award of Arms Ketill rauðskeggr
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 2.jpg Crescent of Caid Ketill rauðskeggr
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 5.jpg Award of Arms Lorenzo di Vita
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 24.jpg County Marisa Rus
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 8.jpg Knight Omar ibn Haroun Al-Askari Al-Rumi
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 23.jpg County Ozmund Rus
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 9.jpg Harp Argent Teleri of Gwynedd
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 1.jpg Court Barony Thea Gabrielle Northernridge
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 1.jpg Court Barony Thomas Brownwell

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