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You can contact the Adminstrator of Compendium Caidis via email at


For a brief listing of Editor duties, please refer to Compendium_Caidis:Editors

Name Contact page Areas assigned to
Aliskye Rosel User_talk:Aliskye Scribal
Avenel Kellough User_talk:Avenel General, Calafia
Derian le Breton User_talk:Derianlebreton General, Arts and Sciences
Dubhghall mac Aodha mhic Néill User_talk: Dubhghall General, Roll of Arms
Eilidh Swann Stralachlan User_talk:Eilidhswann General, Bardic, Lyondemere, Darach
Éowyn Amberdrake User_talk:EowynA General, History, Officer lists, Art
Fergal MacCome User_talk:Fergal Special one time tasks
Gyda Magnusdotter User_talk:GydaMagnusdotter Starkhafn
Giles Hill of Sweetwater User_talk:BaronGiles General, Gyldenholt
James the Inconstant User_Talk:James the Inconstant General, History
Lachlan of Cromarty User_talk:Lachlan General, Heraldry, Media, Categorization of Data (AND MORE)
Lot Ramirez User_talk:Capnlot Rapier
Malcolm Alberic User_talk:Malcolm General, Dreiburgen
Mansur ibn al-Sha'bi ibn Rafi' User_talk:Mansur Administrator
Martin Monteyro do Monte User_talk: Martin Monteyro do Monte General, Special Assignments
Natalya de Foix User_talk:Ndefoix General, Caidan Rose, History
Valdis Isbrandsdottir User_talk:Valdis isbrandsdottir General, Al-Sahid
Yssbell inghean Bhaltair User_talk:Iseabail General, Altavia, Angels

Image/Media/Files Upload Editors

Before contacting an Upload Editor to upload images, please review the information found at: Compendium Caidis:Upload. You may also continue to use the Media Submission Form if you would like to submit images for use on the Compendium Caidis, (along with your Release Forms).

Name Contact page
Aliskye Rosel User_talk:Aliskye
Avenel Kellough User_talk:Avenel
Dubhghall mac Aodha mhic Néill User_talk: Dubhghall
Giles Hill User_talk: BaronGiles
Lachlan of Cromarty User_talk:Lachlan
Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios User_talk:Lynnette
Martin Monteyro do Monte User_talk: Martin Monteyro do Monte
Valdis Isbrandsdottir User_talk:Valdis isbrandsdottir


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