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Thanks for taking interest in the Compendium Caidis, aka Caid Wiki. Follow the next steps to start editing today!

Sign up for an Account and Email the Wiki staff

  1. Register an account on the Caid Wiki
  2. Send an email to with your user name and your SCA name. This allows us to promote you to the commenters group. Once added to the commenters group, you can edit any page on the site, Upload pictures and other media files.

Generic Editing Guide

This is a generic guide on how to edit the Compendium Caidis. For advanced editing, read the links supplied at the bottom of this page.

FIRST, before attempting to edit, please make sure you have read the Rules!

Logged In

First off make sure you are logged into the wiki with your user name and password. In the upper right hand corner there is a log in button.

Edit an already existing page

To edit an already existing page, go to the page in question. For purpose of demonstration we'll use a made up page - but you can certainly do this to any page on the wiki. Go to: Morgaine of Avalon

At the top of the page you'll see a tab that says "edit". Click on that and it'll take you into the wiki editing screen. (If it doesn't, that means your account isn't validated and you should email the admin to gain access - see the very first section on this page).

For the most part, it's just text, change what you need to change and save. Viola, all the changes are live to the world.

There is some wiki formatting to get used to, but the little bar above the edit box has buttons that will explain what they are for. (for example, to make something link to another part of the web site just put it in [[]] - i.e. [[Arthur of Camelot]] will make a link to Arthur of Camelot).

For a good cheat sheet to wiki formatting codes, see this image:

Add a new page

NOTE: PLEASE make sure you are not adding duplicate pages. If you are looking for a populace page, there is a full print out at Help:Populace Names

To add a new page is a bit trickier. The easiest way (though there are several ways of doing it) is to search for something. On the left hand sidebar is a search function. Type "Merlin of Britain" into that and press go. When the search results come up, there will be a line at the top that says "There is no page titled "Merlin of Britain". You can create this page. " If you click on create this page, it will take you to the wiki editing screen. If there is page with that same name, you'll be directly taken to the article, and then you can just edit it.

Using Templates

At this point since it's a fresh page, you should use one of the pre-formatted templates, found at: Help:Templates

Click on the template you need (in this case, since "Merlin of Britain" is a human, we'll use the Populace template found at Template_talk:Populace. Copy the code found on this page (Quick code is the minimal needed, Full code is the suggested layout for all) onto the "Merlin of Britain" page you are editing. Replace the content holder with the real information. Hit save and you have a new page.

Adding Images

The next question asked is always images...

For Commenters

  1. The right to upload media files to the wiki is now restricted to trusted commenters. If you cannot see an "Upload file" link in the lefthand toolbox, contact the Wiki Administrator at

For Editors

Click on link in the left-side bar labeled "Upload file". Select the image from your hard drive, and click on upload. Try and make sure the name of the file can easily correspond with whatever article you are updating (i.e. me.jpg is bad - merlinofbritain.jpg is good). The wiki will tell you if the name conflicts with another image already uploaded, if it does, change the name and upload again.

Important to note that, there is no need to upload multi-sized images of the same thing... the wiki has code to automatically resize pictures on the fly.

To insert the photo into your page use the following [[Image:merlinofbritain.jpg]]. If you wanted it to be 300 pixels wide, the code becomes [[Image:merlinofbritain.jpg|300px]]

Good luck!

That should get you started, if you have any questions you can email the admin at or contact any of the editors at Help:Team.

Oh and don't worry about messing things up, we have editors who correct all submissions, so if you make a mistake someone will fix it for you.

Additional Wiki Editing Help

The following sites have information on how to write Wiki mark-up (AKA "Wiki code")

More Information